SNSD (Girls’ Generation) Important Post



Hey Chingus! Hope you guys are doing great! I am back after a long time. Sorry for the disappearance. I am growing up too fast and an adult has a lot to do everyday (*Sigh*) So this is basically an important announcement I has to make regarding the whole Girls’ Generation fiasco that shook the Kpop Industry. Being a SONE, it breaks my heart to say that Jessica is no longer a member of SNSD as per SM Entertainment though she is still under their label. Yeah I know how everyone just went crazy over the announcement from hate comments to tears. I had my share of anger and heartbreak but being a SONE at heart all I want is for SNSD to prosper in whatever they do. Eventhough Jessica is no longer in SNSD but for me she will always be our Ice Princess SNSD member who has one of the most beautiful voices in Kpop. Thus, keeping aside all the negativity, I am gonna continue viewing SNSD as 9 members and update all things related to Jessica here. Hope you guys support my decision and stay happy about it. Forever 9, Forever SONE.

Love, XOXO: Sweetkpopfan ❤


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