T-ARA Hyomin Celebrates birthday with a brightly lit cake!


T-ara threw member Hyomin a birthday party by bringing a brightly lit up, beautiful cake to her so that she could make a wish and blow out the candles!

As it’s May 30 in Korea, T-ara’s Hyomin turned 25-years-old and celebrated her birthday, revealing her thoughts on beginning a new year to Kyungje Today.

She said, “In the past, I was very excited and liked it, but now I think about my age once again, so I feel more and more weight on my shoulders.  I feel more burden and more responsibility, so I’m not very happy, but I think I’m still as excited as always.

Hyomin then revealed she most looked forward to turning 34 as that was the age she wanted to get married!  As for the words she disliked hearing, Hyomin chose, “How old are you again?” whereas there were no words she particularly wanted to hear.

She revealed that while her mother was pregnant, her mother had dreamed she was holding a basket full of snakes from which a particularly big serpent ascended to the heavens. As for her most memorable birthday, Hyomin said, “When I was young, I invited all of my neighborhood friends to my house where we did trivial things like eat yummy food and had a party.  I think that was the most fun.”

Hyomin also said she wanted a break as her birthday present so she could go on vacation right away.  In the past, she had wanted a younger sibling, but that never happened.

She was asked which star she wanted to hear “Happy birthday!” from and chose Lee Hyori, saying, “Maybe it’s because I researched and monitored her the most while preparing for my solo album, but only her face keeps coming to my mind.



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