Girls’ Generation: Tiffany will be out with a New Single ‘Heartbreak Hotel’!

tiffany heart break hotel

After the major success of her solo Mini Album, Tiffany will be returning with a brand new single ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ on 10th June! Yes that’s right! SM Entertainment has just confirmed this single after teasing us for about a week. Read More


Girls’ Generation: Jessica Solo Comeback ‘With Love, J’ Concept Pictures


Jessica is making her comeback in the Kpop world as a solo artist after her exit from Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment. Her Single ‘Fly’ would release soon and it is a part of a Mini Album which will release in both Korean and English. Check out her gorgeous Concept pictures for the comeback where she looks all Summer-y and beautiful. Wish her all the best for the comeback! Click below to view all the pictures.

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Girls’ Generation: Tiffany ‘I Just Wanna Dance’ Official Music Video + BTS


OMG Tiffany’s Music Video is out and it is Stunning! This retro slow tempo disco track is garnering everyone’s attention with its minimalist style and glamorous production. Though the track takes its time, it definitely grows up on you. Tiffany looks stylish and super comfy doing a genre she loves. Click below to view the Official Music Video and BTS Video! Enjoy!

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