APink Japanese Album ‘PINK SEASON’ Album Covers + Tracklist

Don’t forget to pre-order online! Releasing on 20th August!

CD Tracklist
  • NoNoNo
  • U You
  • Mollayo (モルラヨ; I Don’t Know)
  • Remember
  • Mr.Chu
  • MyMy
  • HUSH
  • Tenshi Janai (天使じゃない; No Angel)
  • Good Morning Baby
  • LUV
  • 4gatsu 19nichi (4月19日; April 19th)
DVD Tracklist
  • Limited Edition A
  1. NoNoNo Music Video
  2. NoNoNo Music Video [Dance feat. Ver.]
  3. Mr.Chu Music Video
  4. Mr.Chu Music Video [Dance feat. Ver.]
  5. LUV Music Video
  6. LUV Music Video [Dance feat. Ver.]
  7. LUV Music Video [Lip Synchro Ver.]
  • Limited Edition B
    • 『Road to 1st Album「PINK SEASON」from debut』

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