After School Jooyeon Says Goodbye with After School Graduation

Let’s wish Unnie a successful life ahead~!


Idol-turned-actress Jooyeon got teary-eyed at her After School graduation and fan club event.

Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports reported on March 24, “Jooyeon, who left her team to follow an acting career, shed tears at the fan club event held at the Negishi Tokyo Cinema in Tokyo on the 20th.” The event was held in part to celebrate After School’s first best-of album in Japan, and Jooyeon also received her graduation diploma from the group.

Twelve hundred fans gathered to give their support and say goodbye to Jooyeon. She said at the event, “I’m happy I got to meet you all today too. This is my last time as a part of After School. I’m very sad, but I’ll show you a better side of myself in the future. I’ll work hard as an actress from now on. Thank you so much. I wanted to end it with a smile, but I’m so overwhelmed, my tears came out. I won’t be able to stand on stage with my members anymore, but if a good opportunity arises, I hope we get together.”

Member Nana consoled her, saying, “We won’t be apart forever, so don’t be too sad,”while Jung Ah said, “It’s been 7 years since I met Jooyeon since the trainee days. I trust that she’ll succeed as an actress, and I’ll support her quietly from afar.”

In related new, Jooyeon signed with Better ENT as an actress earlier this year.


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