Nine Muses reveal profiles for Sojin and Keumjo + new members share their thoughts on debut



On January 12, Nine Muses shared the profile information for their newest additions to the group, Keumjo and Sojin. Nine Muses has revealed its 2 new members!

The new members Keumjo and Sojin will be joining the group to bring the member count up to eight. The girls’ official Twitter wrote, “Introducing the new members Cho Sojin and Lee Keumjo. Please support Nine Muses’ yet another new start.

The new members also shared their thoughts on their debut.

Name: Lee Keumjo
Birthday: December 17, 1992
Height/ Weight: 167 cm (5’5″) / 48kg (105 pounds)
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Reading webtoons, watching movies
Speciality: Singing
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Fruit: I don’t really eat fruits…but I like strawberry flavor, green grape flavor, and blueberry flavored foods

She SaysI still can’t believe it... To have my dream [of debuting] finally come true… I will work as hard as I’ve desperately and eagerly wanted it. Now that I have acquired the title as Nine Muses’ Keumjo,  I will also work hard to not disappoint the fans. Please support me~ Fighting!

Name: Jo Sojin
Birthday: October 11, 1991
Height/ Weight:  170 cm (5’7″) / 47kg (104 pounds)
Bloody Type: AB
Hobby: Squats
Speciality: Choreography, creating choreography
Favorite Color: Pastel colors
Favorite Fruit: Tomato, peaches, cherries

She Says: Debut… I can’t believe it… Memories of my trainee days that I’ve done for five years only thinking about the debut day are passing through my head. It’s giving me a sudden rush of sadness.. There are so many people I must thank. I will work hard as Nine Muses’ Sojin and show you the best of me!


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