After School: Jooyeon officially graduates from After School, to leave Pledis + Writes a letter to fans

jooyeonOn December 31, Pledis Entertainment announced that Jooyeon would be officially leaving the agency and graduating from After School.

Despite denying that Jooyeon would be leaving the agency or the group back on December 21, Pledis Entertainment informed fans that following the end of her contract, Jooyeon would be taking steps to graduate the girl group after all.

Jooyeon additionally wrote a letter to explain herself to fans. She wrote the following on After School’s official fan cafe:

Hello, this is Jooyeon.

I don’t know what to say and how to say it.

I have graduated After School and I’m taking on a new challenge. I apologize to those who are very shocked by this news; I want to say something first.

It has been six years since I met you with After School. When I reflect, I think that there were many times when I laughed and many times when I cried. In one step, I was able to grow more and become strong. This new challenge makes my [heart] flutter [in anticipation], but I’m also afraid. Although I will not be able to be with my members, After School, and the beloved fans, I don’t think of this as a farewell that lasts forever. To those who gave me this unforgettable time as a gift… I will carve each and every one of you on my heart and remember you forever.

I will show you a more developed image and I will make sure not to disappoint those who wait for me. I will show you a good image so please wait for me. Thank you.

Although Jooyeon is unfortunately leaving After School, it looks like she will still be continuing her career as a celebrity. Currently, Jooyeon is focusing on her ‘Man From Earth’ project, a theatrical interpretation of the Korean movie of the same name.


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