SNSD Seohyun and Bada reveal their thoughts on being cast as Scarlett O’hara in ‘Gone With The Wind’ musical


During a press conference for the musical ‘Gone With the Wind‘ held on November 10, leads S.E.S’ Bada and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun revealed their thoughts on being double-cast for the role of Scarlett O’hara as well as their preparation for the opening of the show.

Seohyun told the press, “I am honored to be double-cast for ‘Gone With The Wind’ with Bada unnie. I am so happy, I still can’t believe it. When it comes to musicals, she is one of the first to open up the route for singers to be in musicals. Because of her, younger singers like me can have the privilege to be in musicals.

She continued, “From now on, I will work hard for the younger generation and work my best on my acting until I get acceptance as an actress.” Seohyun also mentioned she is working hard to immerse herself into the role of Scarlette O’hara.

She said, “The role of Scarlett O’hara is an attractive role that any actress would dream of and be greedy about. I will reveal a new side that is unlike me. As I was preparing for the musical, I read the original novel and watched the movie numerous times and thought of it as my journal. I tried to become one with Scarlett O’hara.”

Senior idol turned musical actress Bada also told press that she is happy to be acting alongside Seohyun. She said, “I debuted in the same agency as Seohyun. Seohyun has to be prepared to put in a lot of work. She is going to have to learn a lot not as a singer but as a musical actress. I also learned a lot from musical seniors. If it’s okay with Seohyun, I will teach her a burdensome amounts of things.
She continued, “I will have something that I can learn from Seohyun as well. I hope that we will help each other during practice and during our performances, we will perform individually with confidence.

The musical ‘Gone With The Wind’ will open on January 9, 2015!


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