APink Mr.Chu Official Music Video + Review


Okay I know its late..but god its never too late in kpopland! APink comesback in kpop scene with their new single ‘Mr.Chu’ These days I just keep wondering what’s with kpop’s fascination with the word ‘Mr.’ I mean its ‘Mr.’ all over kpop nowadays! Anyways this single brings back again their trademark cuteness and bubblegum kpop which is both cute and sweet to listen to. To be honest, I wasn’t much impressed with the song or the MV unlike their previous ‘No No No’ which had made me addictive to them, but still it isn’t so bad. The song’s cute and so is the MV. What lacks behind is that extra push in the comeback. I mean they have it all but yet you feel there’s something missing. No doubt I loved all the bright lovely colors they have used in their MV and the concept pictures and to be honest I also loved the other songs in the album as well. To conclude, it’s a comeback for the pandas who were waiting for them to paint kpop again with their trademark pinky tunes. Anyways ENJOY guys and do write in your comments.



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