4Minute ‘Whatcha Doin’ Today?’ Official Music Video + Review


Okay to be honest this was the comeback I wasn’t even aware about. It came about a month before their labelmate APink’s comeback and I had really no clue on how the song would be. I was so busy those days that I didn’t even have the time to go through the teaser video. And when it released it was my kpop curiosity radar that opted me to go through it and to my surprise.. I LOVED IT! The MV is fun, colorful , playful & naughty. Of course there isn’t much of skinship which you expect from Hyuna but the sexiness radar is HIGH. 4Minute had a smashing comeback at least for me. The song is plain awesome. Its funny & humourous in parts but fun in totality. The MV goes GROSS in some places (watch it!) but overall I got totally addicted to the song. For me, Gayoon is the member who stands out the most because of the prominent vocal areas given to her. She also manages to being the sweet in the overall 4Minute wackiness. That’s what I love about her. Thanks to some thinking, Hyuna gets less limelight this time which is good for the group as such. The other songs on the album are good as well. Overall a safe & fun comeback: Nothing too serious, Nothing too dull! CHECK IT OUT HERE!



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