SNSD ‘I Got A Boy’ Official Music Video+ My Review

FINALLY!~ After a wait of months,The Queens of Current K-Pop, SNSD returns to kpop scene with it’s new single ‘I Got A Boy’. Okay, being a SONE I am biased. I have to tell this before I give my review for the MV. I am a true SONE at heart and that’s the reason it’s my habit to forgo their flaws easily. The MV promises a lot but ends up giving less. Yes. This is me saying this. SHOCKED? Please don’t be. After you guys watch the MV yourself, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. Honestly, I had really really REALLY high expectations from them. Maybe it was just too high. But then the result just doesn’t match up to it. SADLY. The MV is made with full on SM ultra budget. It looks great. All too colourful and vibrant. All the members wearing ultra designer stuff and doing almost a commercial for their ‘GIRL de Provence’ perfume yet again!(After TTS’s Twinkle!) They all look great! Maybe too off line with the Hip Hop-cum-rocker chic-look which generally isn’t SNSD’s style. They are known to look like ‘Queens’ whether it’s cutesy or sexy. But that’s how every netizen sees them, including me. The problem here is the change of style and the whole new experimental thing. SM is a label that is known for mixing up commercial and quirky in the right balance. And so it has done it with all its artists in the recent times. But if you see carefully, they are always play pretty safe when it comes to SNSD. That’s because they are really concerned with the type of image these girls carry in kpop land. That’s the thing they haven’t thought of this one time which is exactly where they have made their mistake. Mind me, I am not spreading negativity here. But there is just too much to say this time. The song is the big problem. It starts off with an unusual Hip-Hop style which I am not much fond off because they really sound off the track. It later on catches on their actual ‘I Got A Boy’ chorus line mixed with electro sounds which sounds better. They have actually tried on with funky sounds this time rather than using EPIC song chorus routines which works for SNSD every damn time! So I am not so sure about people’s take on it. It sometimes sounds right and sometimes the track falls flat. It sounds like a track you would hear once and forget when it was suppose to be the song that should be stuck in your head. Overall, the song is a bit of a disappointment taking all the Hoolah about their comeback. Maybe the song will eventually grow on me like other kpop songs (esp. After School’s ‘Flashback’ which I LOVE now!) I just hope it happens fast! Guys do check out the MV and write in your views about all this! ENJOY 🙂



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