SNSD Daum Hope Campaign Pictures+Sooyoung’s Message

Hoping for light in a black/dark world

Hello? My name is Sooyoung.
What do you think it would be like if the entire world suddenly turned black?
Pigmentary degeneration of the retina may seem a bit unfamiliar, but it’s an illness where colors shroud in your eyes, narrowing your vision, and ends in blindness.
It’s not an innate disorder, but an acquired one, so they say not everyone can be at ease.
Someone we all know well, Tin Tin Five’s Lee Dongwoo senior, is also suffering from PDR, and patients with a retina disorder make up more than half of all people who are blind.
While I can’t understand all the discomforts of those who are visually impaired, I got to writing this letter to be of some help.

With insufficient knowledge and medical research funds for the illness, the number of people losing vision in both their eyes are helplessly increasing.
Become the strength to help those suffering from PDR, where only darkness exists, so that they can see the world’s hopes with their own two eyes.

[handwritten] You can’t create any miracle alone.
Help create a miracle, everyone.
A little bit of our interest will become everyone’s big hope.



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