After School Lizzy Single ‘COSMETIC’ Feat. Andup Full Audio Preview

Okay sorry for late postings! This is a single by AFTERSCHOOL’s Lizzy and Rapper Andup for a new project called ‘Cupcake Project’. Kpop is known for its collaborations for cutesy-yet-odd named projects like this & generally the songs range from ok-to-good. So to be honest, I had no expectations from this one as I expected a usual song with lizzy okie-dokie vocals. But when I finally heard it…WOAH! I absolutely fell in LOVE with this song! This is AWESOME to be true! Totally my type of track…it ranges from cutesy-to bubble gum-bittersweet-tune which I love..& the music is fresh..totally like a new dress or shoe fresh! This one’s not one of the tough rock stuff so no getting judgmental guys. & the biggest surprise was Lizzy’s vocals which totally seems to skin-fit with this song…CHECK IT OUT & let me know your views! 🙂




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