SECRET Involved in Serious Car Accident, Zinger Hospitalized; [UPDATED] Zinger Released From Hospital

Update: Secret Involved in Serious Car Accident, Zinger Hospitalized

 3RD UPDATE: Members will cancel all activities and will rest until December 27. They plan to start activities by first attending “2012 KBS Gayo Festival” held on December 28.

The members of Secret have just been involved in a serious car accident.

According to the statement that was released by TS Entertainment on December 11 (KST), the Secret members have finished their last schedule and was on their way home at around 2 AM. As they were turning a curve on the Sungsan Bridge, the car slipped on the icy roads and crashed into the railing on the right side.

Immediately after the accident, the members and the manager were moved to the emergency room in a nearby hospital. It is reported that Zinger has been seriously injured with broken ribs and bruised lungs. She is currently still in the hospital. JunHyosungSong Jieun and Han Sun Hwa have been found with light bruises and have returned to their home. Secret’s manager was also found with only light bruises and has returned home as well.

TS Entertainment stated, “The health of the members is the first priority,” and “We will be rescheduling all activities around the members’ health.”

Meanwhile, Secret has recently come back with “Talk That” and have been actively carrying on their promotions.

Press the “play” button on the top right of the second picture to watch the news report.


Secret’s Zinger Released From Hospital

Zinger who was in a car crash with the rest of the members from the girl groupSecret was released from the hospital today.

On December 15 her agency TS Entertainment announced that she was released from the hospital after receiving care for the rib injuries she sustained in the car crash.

A representative from the agency told Star News, “Zinger’s condition is improving…Because she is not completely cured she will rest at her parent’s place this weekend. Starting next week Zinger will return to Seoul to start her physical therapy sessions in a specialized hospital.

The car crash happened at 2am on December 11. Secret’s manager had been driving when the car slipped on ice as they were making a turn and crashed into a guard rail. Zinger was the one most seriously hurt with broken ribs and bruised lungs.She was ordered to rest for three to four weeks.

The agency representative also said, “There is no specific cure for broken ribs except to limit movement…To put her health and safety first, we will postpone all her activities and announce her future schedule after watching her progress.”

The other members suffered minor bruises and are spending time recovering. Secret has cancelled all promotional activities until December 27. They might come back on December 28 at the KBS Gayo Awards.



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