Orange Caramel ‘HAPPY PLEDIS 2012’ Single ‘Dashing Through The Snow In High Heels’ Feat.NU’EST Official Music Video

The wait’s over! I wait for this time of the year just because of HAPPY PLEDIS! After ‘Love Love Love’ in 2010 & ‘Love Letter’ in 2011, Pledis Family returns to holiday mood with their newest single ‘Dashing Through The Snow In High Heels’ by Orange Caramel & NU’EST. Though I am disappointed with the fact that other Pledis artists life AFTERSCHOOL, Son Dambi & Hello Venus, but that’s probably because they are preparing for comebacks soon…or maybe something on that line. On personal note, I liked the song. It’s a signature cutesy song with the OC & Boys’ pretty charms. My sister loved it so I don’t know. The MV is just an BTS of the album cover shoot but is still quite cute. I’ll have to still confirm whether there are gonna be more singles for this project or not. Will let you guys know asap! Do write down your views guys! I’ll be waiting! 🙂 ENJOY THE MV!


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