IU to Return with a more mature concept around March or April of Next Year!

It seems like IU, who has been keeping a relatively low profile these days, will be back promoting on music stages once more with a new comeback in store for March or April of next year!

The singer’s last official release was her ‘Spring of a 20 Year Old‘ single back in May of this year, so the comeback will be her first in almost a year.

Having gone through an image change recently as many felt that perhaps she should not be considered the “Nation’s Little Sister” anymore, it is said that IU will be focusing on the theme of ‘maturity’ with her comeback.

Although she may look young, remember, IU is into her 5th year since debut and will be turning 20 (international age) next year so it comes as natural that she begins to shed her former image for a more mature one.

But not to worry, for the bubbly and energetic IU you know, will still be there as she will be maintaining her energy but showing her growth and maturity through her sound and image.

As mentioned previously, IU was in consideration for some upcoming dramas, and it’s been revealed that while she is still keeping her options open, her main focus for now will be on her new album.



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