SNSD ‘Oh!’ Japanese Version Official Music Video+Review

Omo!~ Firstly, Mianhada for the late posts. I am so busy with my studies that it’s very difficult for me to take out time for the site. But I am trying my level best to do all that I can for you guys 🙂

Now, SNSD Finally releases the Japanese Version of their super duper hit ‘Oh!’ as their newest Japanese single after ‘All For You’. Honestly I had no idea they were bringing out the MV so fast. Our Unnies just keep on over working themselves ❤ There is nothing much to say about the song. Personally, I always thought ‘Oh!’ in Japanese would sound weird & not have the charm as the original one(Korean) but I am happy to be proved wrong. SM, I BOW DOWN BEFORE THEE! 🙂 The song is as cute as it always was & the MV is also nicely shot. The Cute SNSD is back & it’s like a breath of fresh air after so many STRONG GIRLS concepts of theirs. I missed them that way!  Though the MV seems a bit incomplete mainly because if you remember, the korean ‘Oh!’ MV was actually in continuation with their following hit ‘Run Devil Run’ which has already been released in Japan as a single way back. But no issues. This one actually to keep up uri SNSD in the spotlight which they obviously deserve! CHECK THE VIDEO & ENJOY! 🙂


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