Orange Caramel ‘Lipstick’ Official Music Video+MV Review

FINALLY!~ The Cutie Unnies of Kpop are back with their latest -‘LIPSTICK’. And I am Lovin’ the song!It’s the return of the cutesy era songs…! The song has a cute & funny vibe which is totally magnified & focused in the MV. I won’t say I am Totally floored by the MV, but well it’s cute & wacky(Ping Pong & TT!) at the same time(Kpop!) I expected a bit more from the MV but then I still like it anyways. My sis actually started laughing saying that ‘It’s hilarious!’. Well I don’t blame her here! The 3 pixies – Raina, Nana & lizzy are looking super cute! & maybe one of their best looks for the sub-unit MVs till now. My god, Raina Unnie has surely lost a lot of weight. She looks almost parallel to Nana’s figure. & I love the super cute costumes. & the bright colours – yellow, orange & light green though being autumn colours, gives a summery feel:) I feel this song is gonna be one of the other numerous ORANGE CARAMEL chart toppers. Guys do check out the MV & give your views. I am waiting for them!



  1. Roza · September 21, 2012

    I love the m.v & their song.they r 1 of my favorite girl group. I hope they top all the music charts.

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