APink Eunji drama “Answer Me 1997″ Production Releases Special Video Thanking the Fans

I LOVE This SHOW soooo MUch!!!<3 it!

On September 12, tvN drama “Answer Me 1997” production posted a special video thanking the fans for their support on its Twitter account with the following words: “This is a special video giving thanks to the fans from the cast of “Answer Me 1997.”  Because we spent this summer together, we were happy!”

The special video features, in addition to other cast and crew members, A-Pink member Jung Eun Ji who plays Sung Si Won, “Superstar K” winner Seo In Gook who plays Yoon Yoon Jae, former Sechs Kies idol and “1N2D” star Eun Ji Won who plays Do Hak Chan, actress Shin So Yool who plays Mo Yoo Jung, actor Lee Shi Un who plays Bang Sung Jae, and Infinite memberHoya who plays Kang Joon Hee.

Also, tvN drama “Answer Me 1997” production posted the following on its Twitter account: “Have you heard of “Answer Me 1997” fever (“Answer Me 1997” syndrome)?  Symptoms: 1. I also, without realizing, use Busan dialect.  2. I could watch the show forever. 3.  I could play the background music on repeat forever. 4. I spread it to my family, friends, and co-workers. 5.  Until Monday, I suffer from withdrawal symptoms!  If all of these apply to you, you are a true “Answer Me 1997” fan!”




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