T-ARA ‘Sexy Love’ Official Music Video (Dance Version)

OMo!~ I am so damn Lovin’ this!!! I Absolutely L.O.V.E this single!! ‘Sexy Love’…U simply ROCK! I never thought that after all the negativity surrounding T-ARA since 2 months, I will be able to love these girls & their songs anymore…But I am super happy that they proved me wrong! The QUEENS are back with a BANG!! About the track ‘Sexy Love’, it’s being composed by the current kpop market favourite, Shinsadong Tiger who has also composed their earlier super duper hits including my last fave of theirs ‘Lovey-Dovey’. Maybe that’s the primary reason, this song somewhat has the similar catchiness & beats…To be honest I knew from the first time i saw the teaser…that I am gonna be absolutely ADDICTED to it! & the hell I AM!! About the MV…well not much…has the usual unusual T-ARA concept which many ‘netizens’ think is a photocopy of SNSD & the Wonder Girls which I feel is ridiculous…I just wanna ask these people…’How the hell do you guys think will new concepts spring up? If you do not like these girls then please keep your mouth shut rather than uttering such nonsense!’…(Ok maybe I wen to be too harsh!) I hope I haven’t offended anyone of you guys! mianhada if I have! Anyways guys do check out the MV & let me know your opinions asap!  Njoy! 🙂


P.S- Good news for you guys! This single is gonna have 4 different versions of Music Videos! yeah you heard it right! 4 versions! So stay tuned! 🙂


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