SNSD New Japanese Single ‘All My Love Is For You’ Official Music Video

O.M.G! The Hell I am SURPRISED! When did these girls get the time for this? *When? How? What?* Yesterday I could not be online because of a big power cut & today when I open up the net…WOAH!~ My Unnies have a brand new MV out? Of which I had no clue about! Not FAIR! I am a HUGE IDIOT!! SNSD always take my breath away…which is the primary reason I am proud to be a SONE forever! This single is the second track from their upcoming japanese album & is called ‘All my love is for you’. The song is a slow one after the peppy & hep ‘Paparazzi’ which rocked the Japanese music charts. The song is good as usual but its gonna take some time to grow on me…so I am waiting. The MV is AWESOME! The girls never looked better! (okay! agreed…they always look GORGEOUS!) Especially the dresses they wear in the video…its gonna make every girl dream to wear one such! & they look  like angels… ❤ I am sure this track is targeted mainly for the ones who loved their previous single of the same kind – ‘Time Machine’, which is one of my all time SNSD fave tracks. Overall I am very happy about their return to the music scene as I always wait for such days! SNSD Unnies just made my day! YAY!~ So chingus, do check it out 7 pour in your comments & opinions about it. I am waiting!~ Njoy! 🙂


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