T-ARA to return in September with ‘Mirage’ album!

Omo!~ Don’t these girls get tired…like ever??:O

Earlier reports that stated T-ara might be making a comeback next month have been confirmed.

The group will release their 7th mini-album ‘Mirage‘ on September 3rd KST. Agency Core Contents Media announced on August 30th, “The title track is ‘Sexy Love’, the fourth song [created for T-ara] by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu Sung after ’Bo Peep Bo Peep‘, and ‘Roly-Poly‘.”

CCM further mentioned that ‘Mirage’ was originally planned for release in early August, but because of the recent controversy, T-ara’s comeback was delayed by three weeks.

The agency also explained why the T-ara members had kept quiet until they released an apology letteryesterday: “The reason why T-ara stayed silent the past month is because the issue was a personal matter between the members. However, misunderstandings are causing other misunderstandings, and the T-ara members sincerely apologized for personally causing the controversy and creating misunderstanding.”

“T-ara and Hwayoung had a meeting where they resolved their differences, understood each other, and apologized. We’ve decided that we can no longer delay the comeback because of this issue in which not one person is the victim, not one person is the wrongdoer, and misunderstandings keep piling up.”

CCM concluded, “We once again lower our heads and apologize for causing disorder and misunderstanding among so many people, and we promise to [never let an issue like this arise again].”

T-ara will also be holding concerts overseas in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and more from mid-September to November.

Source: Osen via Nate


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