KARA ‘Pandora’ Official Music Video+Review

‘This is gonna be my first post’ – this was what was on my mind since a few days…OMO!~ finally KARA is back with their charming & catchy track ‘Pandora’! Honestly…I was awaiting this comeback since long…& my first impression of the MV was pretty good…Its their usual dance track which starts off with AWESOME beats…but a minor complain…I am not very happy with the actual chorus part…it just somehow blows off the super rhythm of the whole song…kinda pushes it backwards…wish the chorus could have been more spunk! But anyways I LOVE how Gyuri & Hara look in the MV…So damn beautiful & Nicole’s super sensual as usual…I am not very fond of Ji Young’s hair colour…(No offence!) & the million dollar question…where on earth do they use the word ‘PANDORA’ in the song???(ok that’s funny!) Also i don’t have any idea why the netizens are behind these girls for using the so-called ‘lingerie-fashion’??? What the heck???Grow up guys! This is kpop! Do pour your comments friends…& enjoy this AWESOME track!



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