F(x) ‘Hot Summer’ Japanese Music Video

WOAH!~ I can’t express how surprised i was when I came to know late at night (IST) that f(x) released the Japanese Music video of one of my fave f(x) tracks ever: ‘Hot Summer’! There were talks of them debuting in Japan soon & adding their names to the so called new industry ‘Kpop in Japan:A new marketing strategy'(Heehee!) but the news was not that clear(or maybe I was just being a bit too non-observant there!) So FINALLY, they come up with the Japanese version of what I should call ‘one of their peppiest songs ever’. So I hurriedly went through the MV &… well I don’t know what to say. Maybe I expected more considering the enormous Kpop Management giant parent ‘SM’ behind it or maybe the song would have been much more effective if it would have released this summer(which was the case with the korean one!), the Music video kinda falls a bit FLAT. No offence there, I am myself a big f(x) fan but the MV which does seem very colourful & pretty, does not add anything to the group(If you know what I am exactly trying to say!) The group members seem a bit uncomfortable with the Japanese lyrics & their choreography doesn’t come up as smooth as the Korean Version where everyone looks like they are having the ‘time of their lives’ dancing.Maybe this being their first Japanese MV, they are being a bit stiff or something but being an Optimist, I am sure f(x) is gonna catchup real soon…& make the af(x)tion(their official fan club) real PROUD! GO F(x)~


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