T-ARA to hold an Arena Tour in Japan next year

Uff! Don’t know what’s actually going on with them!!

It seems T-ara is looking to soldier on despite recent setbacks, as they’ve just announced that they’ve got an arena tour in Japan in the works.

On August 2nd, a representative revealed, EMI Japan and J-Rock will be working with T-ara for an arena tour project in Japan next year, a concert largely considered the dream of every artist.”

The arena tour project is looking to gather over 150,000 fans next year. As a concert tour that only the top ranked artists in the country can go on, the company has high hopes and is expecting at least 10 to 20,000 fans per concert nationwide.

T-ara recently completed their Japanese tour concert, which began in June and ended last month at the Budokan, a concert hall also considered a stage of dreams for most artists. The girls sold out all 20,000 seats for both days.

Having completed their “Day by Day” promotions in Korea, the girls will focus on their solo activities for the time being. Core Contents Media stated, “Through this controversy, T-ara will mature and reflect on themselves and return with better music to pay back the public by working even harder.”

T-ara will also release “Sexy Love” in Japan at the end of October.


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