T-ARA: Idol groups scramble to avoid overlapping their comebacks with T-ara’s ‘Sexy Love’ comeback

Entertainment companies are scrambling to find out the exact date for T-ara‘s “Sexy Love” comeback in order to avoid having their own comebacks overshadowed by the issues that may be brought up with T-ara’s comeback.

Having seen T-ara’s controversy bury all other news over the past few days, industry officials with idol groups that were originally scheduled to make a comeback near August or September have revealed that they’re working avoid overlapping with T-ara’s comeback. Although Core Contents Mediaannounced that there would be no change to the girls’ upcoming comeback, their concert has already been postponed, leading to hints of a similar fate for their “Sexy Love” release.

The single is currently slated for an August 14th release, but the distribution date hasn’t been set in stone yet.

One official from a group preparing for comeback commented, “If T-ara were to postpone their comeback by just a bit, there’s a chance they’ll overlap with us. We feel that it’s best to avoid them altogether since it’s obvious that they’ll bring with them a lot of other issues. We’re looking to keep a fair distance away from T-ara’s comeback.”


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