T-ARA ‘Hwayoung’s Exit & Bullying Controversy’ Full Story

Mianhada! I have been so busy with my studies & work that I didn’t get the time to post what we can say as ‘one of the most cruel & crucial week’ for uri T-ARA. ‘Hwayoung’s Exit & the Bullying Controversy’ has put up a totally different light over the kpop industry which most of us were unaware of till now. One way, we can say this is the revelation of the ‘UGLY TRUTH’ behind all the glamour & on the other way, a pretty clever ‘PUBLICITY TECHNIQUE'(No Offence!) But whatever is the case, it is important that we at KPOPINDIAGIRLS know what happened over the past stormy week with T-ARA. Here’s the summary of all the articles from different sites to help you guys know all about it.Do pour in your views & comments.


Over the weekend, T-ara has been the hot topic throughout the world of K-Pop, causing many fans to worry. Fans’ worst fears were then confirmed, when CCM (Core Contents Media) announced thatHwayoung would no longer be a part of T-ara. Let’s take a look at how this chaotic story came about.

The Initial Spark:

[July 25th/ July 26th]T-ara puts on special unit performances at their Japanese Budokan concerts

Lucky fans attending T-ara‘s Budokan concert for ‘Jewelry Box‘ in Japan were treated to special unit performances from the girls.

Held on July 25th and 26th, the members captivated the audience members with special individual and unit performances during the concerts. EunjungJiyeon, and Hyomin put on a hip hop dance show to the tune of EXILE‘s “Choo Choo Train” while Soyeon let out her sexy side with a cover of Koda Kumi‘s “Cutie Honey“.

Boram and Qri formed their own unit called ‘Unnis’ and showed off their adorable aegyo to AKB48‘s “Aitakatta“.

Soyeon revealed, “We combined our opinions with that of the company’s and decided to come up with our own units. Boram and Qri’s stage in particular was especially cute, as they showed an image not often seen in Korea. As their unit name is ‘Unnis’, we came up with the concept of the unnis acting cute for the dongsengs.”

[July 25th]T-ara members’ tweets following Budokan concert receive some criticism

Girl group T-ara is receiving criticism from a few disappointed fans.

T-ara’s Hwayoung is currently in a wheelchair after hurting her leg from a music program on July 22nd, and was unable to fully participate in the group’s first independent concert at the Budokan.

After the concert, the T-ara members then posted a few tweets that netizens assumed was directed towards fellow member Hwayoung in a teasing manner, and the fans were shocked at the girls lashing out at Hwayoung and the fans are now questioning T-ara’s teamwork.

The story goes as follows.

T-ara held their first independent concert on July 25th and 26th at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. But ahead of their concert, T-ara had apologetically announced that because Hwayoung was injured, she would only be able to be on stage for part of their concert.

Towards the beginning of the Budokan performance, Soyeon, Eunjung, Qri, Boram, Jiyeon, andHyomin each greeted the fans one at a time, and afterwards Hwayoung came on stage with her crutches, and the fans encouraged her with their cheers.

When the concert was nearly over, T-ara performed their hit song “Day By Day“, and Hwayoung performed her rap portion on stage seated in a chair.

But the problem began when the T-ara members began tweeting on July 25th. Some of their fans grew angry, as they felt the girls were publicly ridiculing Hwayoung and her determination / commitment level.

Hyomin had began by writing, “The differences in levels of determination^^, Let us all have more determination. Fighting!!!

Member Jiyeon then resonded, “The differences in levels of determination ^^, Always be humble ^^ and sensible ^^ I applaud you, acting genius ^^

Eunjung added, “A position can make or break a person, but determination can make a person too. Sigh, it’s unfortunate. You have to know to take care of the people around you.”

In response to this, Hwayoung had tweeted, “Sometimes, even determination alone is not enough. At times like these, I feel upset but I trust that it’s a blessing in disguise from the heavens. God, you know everything right?”

Member Hyoyoung of 5dolls who also happens to be Hwayoung’s twin sister then wrote, “My better half is suffering. My heart hurts. No matter what anyone else says, (Hwayoung), you can get through this,” and Hwayoung responded to her saying, “You’re the best.”

Many fans have interpreted these tweets to be attacks against Hwayoung. They believe that the members were pointing out that Hwayoung did not show enough determination, and thus by not performing throughout the entire concert, she had caused some inconveniences for the other members as they had to hurriedly figure out how to carry on their performances without her. Fans have responded negatively to these tweets to say the least. No matter how young the girls may be, they remarked that it is wrong for the girls as a group to publicly bash their very own group member.

On lookers further remarked that the girls got lost in the competition of becoming the main spotlight of the group. They expressed that the members coming together as a clique to say that an injured group member had no determination was a typical example of some mental cracks in their teamwork.

Their agency at first argued that the girls’ accounts had been hacked, but it seems unlikely that all of their individual Twitters could have been hacked at the same time.

Source & Image: NewsPlus

The Fuel

[July 27th]Core Contents Media to make a major announcement regarding T-ara

On the 28th, Core Contents Media shared that it would make a major announcement about T-ara on July 30th.

Through official reports released to the media on the 28th, Core Contents Media revealed, “CEO Kim Kwang Soo, who is currently in Japan for T-ara’s concert, will return to Korea on the 30th, and at 1 pm, he will make a major announcement regarding T-ara.”

Fans are curious to hear what this will be about as it’s pretty rare for an agency to give a forewarning about an upcoming big announcement about its idol groups, and also because no specific details have been revealed about what the announcement will be about.

It is speculated that the announcement will have something to do with  T-ara members’ recent tweets, which have come under criticism for they seem to refer to Hwayoung‘s inability to perform on stage due to her injury.

[July 27th]T-ara’s Hwayoung leaves an ambiguous tweet

Amidst the controversy currently brewing around T-ara with their tweets and the news of an upcoming major announcement about the group, member Hwayoung just recently updated her Twitter with a message that has left fans curious.

On the morning of July 28th (KST), she wrote, “The support of my family and my fans is worth so much to me. Please watch over me.”

She also previously tweeted a photo of herself and twin sister Hyoyoung holding hands, writing, “Ryu! Thanks for being by my side. I love you”, which seems to be a response to the supportive messages Hyoyoung had written on her own Twitter.

Hyoyoung herself is attracting attention for some of her mysterious tweets that follow after the controversial tweets. One of her tweets read, “What does it matter if your face is pretty. It’s your heart that has to be pretty. Is a person who is unwell, not a person? I’m hurting too. I want to seriously cry. I should just practice instead..” leaving fans to wonder what she could be referring to.

Ever since the controversy broke out online, fans have been voicing their concern for T-ara as well as sending messages of support to Hwayoung.

Kim Kwang Soo has also announced that he will be releasing a statement regarding T-ara on July 30th.

[July 28th]Netizens uncover meaning behind T-ara Hyomin’s Twitter profile picture

After news of an alleged conflict between T-ara and member Hwayoung spread, Core Contents Media released a statement that they would be making a big announcement concerning the group on July 30 KST.

T-ara’s Hyomin changed her Twitter profile picture on July 28 to a partial screencap with cut-off words. Netizens, however, soon uncovered the entire picture and meaning of Hyomin’s new profile picture.

The full picture shows a turtle walking on arid soil with the large caption: “There’s a reason for everything.” What do you think Hyomin was referring to?

[July 28th]T-ara’s Boram unfollows Hwayoung on Twitter?

Amidst the controversy currently brewing around T-ara for allegedly making member Hwayoung an outcast of the group, reports are pouring in that Boram unfollowed Hwayoung on Twitter on the evening of July 28th.

Currently, Boram follows the other T-ara members’ Twitter accounts, so many are concerned that she is not following Hwayoung, particularly since Hwayoung continues to follow Boram.  However, others are reporting that Boram had never followed Hwayoung.

In either case, this situation is being used to further show that there may be some truth to the interpersonal problems between the members.

Furthermore, member Hyomin, changed her profile picture to a book cover that read, “There’s a reason for everything”, leaving fans even more curious as to find out the inner conflicts occurring within T-ara.

The Fire

[July 29th]Netizens share more incidents of T-ara’s Hwayoung supposedly being bullied

With the controversy surrounding the bullying scandal of T-ara and Hwayoung heating up, netizens have been claiming to discover more and more proof shots that supposedly prove the bullying rumors to be true.

Recently, online community boards have been posting such screencaps of various moments throughout the girls’ careers back to back, shocking netizens with the content.

On one Japanese broadcast, videos showed Eunjung forcefully feeding Hwayoung a rice cake into her mouth, while on one episode of KBS‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘, Hyomin was caught poking Hwayoung in the eye while lifting her arm.

In another scene, netizens noticed Jiyeon making fun of Hwayoung for reading in the car, stating, “She’s only acting like that because she’s in front of the camera. As someone who’s in the same team as her, this is my first time seeing her reading.”

Soyeon was also caught approaching Hwayoung (who was sitting in a corner) and giving her candy, stating, “This was the candy I dropped on the floor before.”

Netizens commented, “The rumors with Hwayoung must be true”, “Isn’t this too much against one person?”, “How can they act like this as adults?”, and “Hwayoung must be going through such a hard time.”

[July 29th]Fans demand T-ara’s Eunjung be kicked off ‘We Got Married’ and ‘Five Fingers’

In the midst of the controversy regarding the bullying of T-ara‘s Hwayoung, fans have been demanding that Eunjung be expelled from all broadcasts featuring the idol.

Beginning on July 28th, the bulletin boards of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, where she has been a fixed cast member since March 2011, and SBS‘s ‘Five Fingers‘, a drama that recently cast her, have been flooded with posts petitioning for her removal.

Some of the comments left in the bulletins read, “If [Eunjung] is not removed, I will stop watching the program“, “I can only see Eunjung as a total fake now“, “If the actress is not ‘good’, this cannot become a good drama“.

Source & Image: Sports Donga via Naver

The Explosion

[July 30th] [BREAKING] CCM announces Hwayoung will leave T-ara

T-ara‘s parent company Core Contents Media announced today that one of its members, Hwayoung, will be leaving the group.

CCM’s CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, announced the departure in a press release written by the president himself. “In deference to the complaints by T-ara’s staff of 19 people (5 stylists, 7 hair & makeup, 5 on-site managers, 2 team managers), Hwayoung’s contract as an artist will be voided effective immediately with no conditions.”

Kim Kwang Soo denied any correlation with the recent controversy that erupted following tweets from the T-ara members that were interpreted by many as one-sided bullying against Hwayoung. “We wish to impress upon the fact that this has nothing to do with the ‘bullying’ reports surrounding T-ara,” CCM said. “Although the staff of Core Contents Media stayed up into early morning discussing with the T-ara members who all wanted to stay with Hwayoung, we apologize in saying that we could not forsake the arguments of the staff members.”

“We deeply apologize for the many incidents which made everyone who loved T-ara nervous and worried, and we have nothing but sadness to convey such an unsettling incident on their third anniverary. We also apologize again to the T-ara members and wish Hwayoung all the best as a powerful rapper,” CCM continued, “since Hwayoung has great potential as a rapper we decided to end her contract without conditions and we believe that she will grow into the future as a free artist.”

Hwayoung was with T-ara for 20 months, leaving original members Boram, Qri, Eunjung, Soyeon, Hyomin, and Jiyeon, as well as new member Ahreum.

[July 30th]Hwayoung’s sister, Hyoyoung, tweets in response to Kim Kwang Soo’s announcement

Following recent breaking news of Hwayoung‘s contract termination with both T-ara, and Core Contents Media, sister Hyoyoung expressed her feelings of shock, with a vague tweet on Twitter.

It’s very unfortunate that Hwayoung’s contract termination was so sudden, and it seems that her sister is in a state of shock following the press release made by Kim Kwang Soo, who claimed that Hwayoung’s termination was decided by “19 staff members of T-ara who all revealed complaints”. Let us know your thoughts about this situation in the comments below.

[July 30th]Hwayoung strikes back on Twitter

Following Core Contents Media‘s announcement of Hwayoung leaving the group T-ara, Hwayoung posted a quick sentence on Twitter that seemed to summarize her thoughts on the matter.

“…facts without any truth,” she stated simply. Although the context of her tweet is unknown, it is not hard to link it to CCM’s recent press release relaying the reasons behind her withdrawal from T-ara.


…진실없는 사실들

– @RHY422,


[July 30th]Full press release from Core Contents Media regarding Hwayoung’s departure from T-ara

Although allkpop broke the news on Hwayoung‘s departure from T-ara, for the sake of clarity we have obtained a copy of the full press release from Core Contents Media. The translation follows below.




As T-ara lives their lives together, I feel that if someone places her/himself above the rest and rocks the boat, the overall stability of the team falters.

I wish to emphasize the fact that the ‘bullying’ reports surrounding T-ara have no basis in truth.

Early after their debut, T-ara went through many reports of several members being bullied (such asEunjung, Soyeon, or Boram) but that was simply childish jealousy which did not pass two days, and they soon grew closer together.

During the recent concert, a total of 230 staff members moved together. The difference in ‘determination’ that the T-ara members have talked about did not mean whether or not the members could stand on stage.

If someone becomes lazy, or self-centered, and thinks only of oneself, that performance has no reprieve but to suffer flaws, and that kind of stage shines only on the outside. On the inside exists only a shallow longing to ‘show’ something. That is what ‘determination’ means – determination for the stars and the staff members alike.

The most important thing for the staff members and the artists is their health. Only if their body is healthy can they put on a good performance.

Eunjung tore her ligament when she fell on an icy road, and Jiyeon injured her leg during drama filming. She also broke her nose during the Osaka concert when she bumped into a lighting tower, requesting emergency surgery and took the stage afterwards, notwithstanding disagreements with the concert and company managers. She went through full treatment, lasting three days, after her return to Korea.

Hwayoung’s leg injury and her subsequent absence for the concert was for the protection of the star. Although she wanted to stand on stage, all the staff and T-ara members argued against her and she eventually took the stage only for her “Day by Day” performance, as per her wishes.

Therefore, the ‘determination’ that T-ara was talking about was not about standing on stage or otherwise.

Despite poor salary, countless staff members and managers are working hard behind the stars. Driving while missing out on sleep, being on alert 24 hours a day, checking their makeup behind the stage, the staff work hard because they all have the common goal of creating the rise of the next top-level star.

Most staff members, including the on-site manager, are living in either small homes or in dormitories with 3-7 other people. If those people feel sadness due to a certain celebrity, or decide to seek another path because they feel that what they’re doing isn’t right, then the T-ara who gives happiness and joy to many people are nothing more than facades in front of the audience.

Because the eight members of T-ara put teamwork ahead of their selves, they respected the decision of the 19 staff members. Because there couldn’t be any more staff members going through such pain, this decision was made after much debate.

I also thought for a long time whether or not this was the right path, and know that it hurts akin to cutting out one’s own flesh. However, I made the decision based on T-ara’s future and continued existence, and together with the staff we sat up until 7 AM this morning convincing the T-ara members.

Again, I stress that there was no bullying taking place between the T-ara members and Hwayoung and all such reports are without truth.

Earlier, I mentioned during T-ara’s switch from 7 to 9 members that the possibility of member changes existed for those who did not work hard enough or inflicted damage upon other members.

If T-ara becomes lazy or puts themselves first, then the group will become empty on the inside. Therefore, the first priority would be humility, basic manners, and their character.

That is the only way I feel T-ara will continue to become a true Hallyu idol.

Since Hwayoung has much promise as a rapper, Core Contents Media has decided to end her contract without conditions and believe that she will grow into the future as a free artist.

We deeply apologize for the many incidents which made everyone who loved T-ara nervous and worried, and we have nothing but sadness to convey such an unsettling incident on their third anniverary.

Although we, the staff of Core Contents Media, stayed up into early morning discussing with the T-ara members who all wanted to stay with Hwayoung, we apologize to the members in saying that we could not forsake the arguments of the staff members.

Lastly, we again express our sadness to the T-ara members and wish for the best to Hwayoung and her successful rapping career.

[July 30th]CCM’s CEO Kim Kwang Soo interviewed regarding Hwayoung’s departure

On the heels of the earth-shattering news of Hwayoung‘s departure from T-araKim Kwang Soo, the CEO of Core Contents Media, sat down for a quick interview with South Korean media outlet Ilgan Sports.

The full interview follows below.



The press release is a bit vague. It seems to have actually inflated the controversy.

I can’t reveal everything. It’s the least amount of courtesy for the departing member. Please think carefully about who will be hurt if the truth is revealed.


There were reports of bullying. Are the fights between the members a big reason in the departure?

No. The relationship between the members are not a big problem. In fact, once you take control of a team, small problems can erupt. The bigger problem is the hardships faced by the staff members.


The problems with the staff was also in the official press release. What kind of problems existed?

I don’t want to go into detail, nor do I want to make personal attacks. But the staff were very tired after driving for the entire night and taking care of hair and makeup. There were several managers who cried, saying they wanted to quit. Although the artists are important, I believe that the sweat and tears of the staff are equally as important. I could not stand by watching this destruction of teamwork any longer.


If you go into a little more detail, would that not quell the controversy?

There were so many issues, but I really do not want to shed light on any of them, so I am keeping quiet. There were many examples of yelling at the members and breaking down the teamwork. How would the T-ara members feel, who had trained for over three years? In order to not inflate this issue any further, I hope (Hwayoung) stays quiet.


Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

[July 30th]CCM reveals the dark side of Hwayoung, mudslinging ensues

Following their announcement regarding the termination of Hwayoung‘s contract, Core Contents Media recently revealed some of Hwayoung’s unacceptable behavior in the past, furthering themudslinging.

According to CCM, after their Budokan concert and return to Korea on July 27th, T-ara was preparing to go on stage for a live broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘. With only two groups before them left to go, Hwayoung suddenly decided that she did not want to perform on stage that day.

CCM had decided that due to her leg injury, Hwayoung would sit on a chair on stage for her rap segment, and so the girls had successfully completed their camera rehearsal before the broadcast. However, Hwayoung suddenly changed her mind and refused to go on stage with 2 groups left to go.

The agency stated that in order to prevent an accident on live TV, members Eunjung and Hyomin were pressed to learn Hwayoung’s rap segment in the short amount of time they had before their turn. With the new pressure, Hyomin was clearly nervous and ended up making a mistake during the rap segment.

On the way home, Hwayoung, in front of fans and reporters, threw down her crutches and sat on the floor, threatening to yell at the managers in public. It has also been revealed that Hwayoung has shown both fans and reporters a similar side to her, with unacceptable actions and behavior on the set of ‘Music Bank’.

CCM CEO Kim Kwang Soo stated, “We will not be revealing any more of Hwayoung’s similar behaviors outside of the ‘Music Bank’ incident because we do want to protect her. I am also sorrowed by the words left on Hwayoung’s Twitter.”

The Aftermath/Damage Report

[July 30th]T-ara to proceed with their August comeback as scheduled

With the news of Hwayoung’s departure from the agency still hot, Core Contents Media, has shocked many fans and the like, by revealing that T-ara’s impending schedule will follow through as planned without any delays.

A representative of Core Contents Media told OSEN news that T-ara will “resume as a seven-member unit without Hwayoung” and that “T-ara’s schedule will undergo no changes and will continue as planned.

T-ara’s follow up song to their single ‘Day By Day’ will be entitled ‘Sexy Love.’ The song is said to be an upbeat dance number written by Shinsadong Tiger, the mastermind behind T-ara’s past hits such as ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ and ‘Roly-Poly.’

We planned the comeback just in time for the end of the Olympics,” states Kim Kwangsoo, CEO of Core Contents Media, “We wanted to carry the festive spirit of the Olympics into T-ara’s upcoming single.

‘Sexy Love’ will be released on August 15th.

Should T-ara delay their comeback until things settle down?

[July 30th]SBS PD states he will no longer cast T-ara, T-ara concert may flop

Following the T-ara controversy with member Hwayoung being kicked out of the group, Hwayoung tweeted and implied that the situation presented to the public was, “facts without truth“. This resulted in a mudslinging contest, where CCM retaliated by revealing the dark side of Hwayoung. However, many believe that Hwayoung is falsely being put in a bad light and have stepped up to the plate.

An SBS PD, after seeing the controversy unfold, defended Hwayoung by tweeting that he would no longer cast T-ara.

It seems as though the tweet was deleted shortly afterwards, however it sparked yet another round of controversy with fans now leaning towards Hwayoung being the victim of bullying and unfair treatment.

Due to this controversy, it’s been reported that T-ara is also facing issues with their upcoming concert, as all but 600 tickets to their concert were returned.

[July 30th]Netizens dig up evidence of Hwayoung being bullied? T-Jinyo group formed demanding truth

Amidst the heated controversy surrounding Core Contents MediaT-ara, and Hwayoung, netizens have discovered further evidence to prove the speculated rumors regarding Hwayoung being bullied to be true.

On November 6, 2011, a post titled, “Being an outcast.. Really is difficult and tiresome“, was uploaded onto Nate Pann, an online community forum, under the username ‘Suk Ryu’ (Ryu is Hwayoung’s last name).

Although the post has yet to be confirmed, netizens have speculated it to indeed be Hwayoung, as it well matched her current situation.

The message read:

Hello. I’ve been contemplating whether I should post this or not, but have decided to write a few things..

The group I’m in is… A group everybody will know just by revealing the group’s initial.

I’m a new member in the group, so it has been very awkward and because I’m also very timid, I’m unable to approach them easily… That’s one of the reasons why I’m becoming an outcast.

The original members must have strongly opposed my addition to the group…

I’m basically treated as if I’m an invisible at the dorm.
But when the cameras are rolling, they would suddenly have their arms around my shoulders.

When we’re practicing… I really feel like I’m going to die.
When I make a little mistake, I’d get criticized hearing things like, ‘You can’t even do this?’ and would get cursed at.

Even right now, I’m alone since they all went grocery shopping without me..
They’ll be back in a few hours, but I want to just forget about my singing career and leave.

However, this is the path I decided to take and I’m the one who decided to join, so it’s hard to do so.

I feel a bit better now that I’ve written this.

Thank you.

Criticisms have been rising for T-ara as more “evidence” is surfacing in regards to the bullying. In addition, a website titled T-Jinyo (“We Demand the Truth from T-ara”) was formed and is rapidly seeing an increase in members by the hour.

[July 30th]Five Fingers to proceed with T-ara’s Eunjung still a member of the cast

As previously reported, various fans and the like have been demanding that Eunjung be booted off from all broadcasts featuring the idol. Many comments were especially directed towards the idol’s segment in the variety show ‘We Got Married‘, and most recently, her role in the SBS drama ‘Five Fingers‘, set to debut its pilot episode in August.

However, chief producer Kang Shin Hyo has confirmed that no such thing will happen. “We have no plans of removing Ham Eunjung from this project,” states Kang, “None of the claims that have been brought up against T-ara and Eunjung have been proven to be true. We are not going to expel her from the production when nothing has been confirmed.

We didn’t cast all the members in T-ara,” continued Kang, “We casted Ham Eunjung and Eunjung only. The drama will air with Eunjung still a part of the cast.

Meanwhile, Kim Kwangsoo, CEO of Core Contents Media, has stated that Hwayoung’s contract with the agency will be terminated, and that the bullying rumors are false.

[July 30th]SBS PD Ryu Chul Min apologizes for his tweet regarding Hwayoung & T-ara

SBS PD Ryu Chul Min who tweeted earlier today stating that he will no longer cast the members of T-ara has since apologized for his previous tweet.

PD Ryu wrote his apology via Twitter on July 30th saying, “After reading the articles about T-ara today, I personally felt that it was an unfortunate situation for Hwayoung to be in. I failed to consider the fact that my opinion could have been interpreted as an official stance [on the situation]. I apologize.

Earlier today, Ryu Chul Min PD caused quite a stir among netizens by making it seem as if he will no longer cast T-ara by tweeting, “Aigoo Hwayoung ㅠㅠ this oppa will no longer cast T-ara.

Shortly after his initial tweet, he has been trending on various online portal sites along with various phrases like “A brave statement” and “Irresponsible“, causing him to take to Twitter to apologize for his actions.

[July 30th]CCM’s Kim Kwang Soo speaks of a possibility for Hwayoung to rejoin T-ara

After Core Contents Media announced that they would immediately terminate the contract of T-aramember Hwayoung, netizens and fans alike stepped up to argue that the other members have bullied and outcasted her, and that the agency is to blame rather than Hwayoung.

The agency, however, is arguing that the bullying claims have nothing to do with the contract termination, and that Hwayoung has until now displayed behavior unacceptable for a member of a girl group, and showed no hope for improvement. Thus, Hwayoung is not a victim of bullying, but rather the staff and group members are the ones who have suffered extreme stress due to Hwayoung.

Regardless of whose fault it may be, fans are shocked to say the least to hear of Hwayoung’s departure from the group. The most ideal scenario that loyal fans are hoping for is for the girls and the agency to resolve these matters and for Hwayoung to return to the group.

CCM CEO Kim Kwang Soo informed StarNews on July 30th, “If Hwayoung realizes her faults and feels genuine sorrow and regret, it is possible for the staff and group members to discuss her return to the group. I say this again, but in order for that to happen, Hwayoung must reflect back on her actions and never repeat them again in the future.”

The chances of Hwayoung returning to the group may be slim, but this shows that it isn’t completely out of the question.

[July 30th]T-ara’s former back-up dancer claims Jiyeon once slapped Hwayoung

Among the many that are stepping forward to offer some more insight on the T-ara controversy, is a netizen who claims to be a former T-ara back-up dancer.

The post is going viral online, and in it, the dancer describes in detail of a time Jiyeon had slappedHwayoung across the face.

It reads:

I am a member of Hot Chicks, an exclusive dance team for T-ara, and am also working withDavichiKARABrown Eyed GirlsRainbow Pixie, and more.

It was around the time the Japanese concert took place. We were getting big with our “Lovey Dovey” shuffle dance after Hwayoung was admitted, and getting ready to perform “Roly Poly” for our year-end performance.

During one of the rehearsals, it was a situation where Kwang Soo had jam-packed our schedules, so both the dancers and the members of T-ara who had just completed their day’s work were extremely sensitive and on edge.

Still, everyone was mustering up their last bit of strength and practicing, when Hwayoung messed up a little bit of the choreography.

Seeing this, Jiyeon and Soyeon then sarcastically scoffed at her, saying, ‘Since you already decided to join, you should maybe work a little harder.’

Hwayoung then became a little depressed, but the dance leader mediated the situation and the rehearsal resumed.

But Hwayoung maintained an uncomfortable expression on her face, and Jiyeon who saw this slapped Hwayoung across the cheek and told her that because she had come in late to the already-established group T-ara, she needed to act sensibly and to rehearse without that expression on her face.

The atmosphere became extremely tense, and Hyomin took Jiyeon outside, telling her that she should just be the bigger person.

Even after Hwayoung’s ‘exposure’ incident, everyone was indifferent towards her, rather than comforting.

After the incident, T-ara went on hiatus to prepare for “Day By Day” and because of events with Davichi and Brown Eyed Girls, I could only see T-ara on TV.

Seeing them on the small-screen, I thought that the girls’ relationship with Hwayoung had improved, but these girls who are all grown don’t want to sit by her in the car so they blatantly play rock paper scissors right in front of her face.”

Post like these attesting to the bullying attacks against Hwayoung continue to surface on portal site community boards, causing netizens to become all the more eager to uncover the truth.


1.) The leader of the dance team has come forward to deny these claims and Kim Kwang Soo himself has also stated that this story has been fabricated in the latest article here.

2.) Police says CCM never filed a report about investigating the alleged back dancer after CCM announced that they had done so. Read the latest update here.

[July 30th]Online café ‘T-Jinyo’ (We Demand the Truth from T-ara) gains more than 160,000 members

The number of members who have joined online café T-Jinyo (“We Demand the Truth from T-ara”) has now surpassed 160,000.

Fans created ‘T-Jinyo’ shortly after CCM‘s CEO Kim Kwang Soo announced that member Hwayoungwill be leaving T-ara. While T-ara’s fan café has lost around 6,000 members, the members of the ‘T-Jinyo’ café has been steadily increasing. And now less than a day after the big announcement, the number of T-Jinyo members has quickly surpassed 160,000. Fans are using the café to argue that they have a right to know the truth, and that they deserve a clear explanation as to why Hwayoung is leaving the group. Incidents of where Hwayoung was supposedly being bullied by the other members have continuously been shared by fans, while other netizens are creating online bulletin boards to show their support and encouragement for Hwayoung.

It seems like the name for the café was modeled  after ‘Tajinyo’, and some netizens are even petitioning for the T-ara members be expelled from variety shows and K-dramas, as well as the entire disbandment of T-ara.

[July 30th]T-ara’s Hwayoung was responsible for Jiyeon’s ‘bad attitude’?

After Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo announced that T-ara member Hwayoung had acted in an ‘unacceptable’ manner on a number of occasions, an incident that took place between Hwayoung and Jiyeon has also been revealed.

According to an industry insider, there was an incident that took place back in 2010 where Hwayoung did not oblige with T-ara’s manager who asked the girls to prepare for their stage performance.

This brewed some quarrel amongst the girls, and Hyomin who grew tired of her attitude gave Hwayoung a piece of her mind, but Hwayoung reportedly refused to listen to Hyomin as well. Fellow member Jiyeon who was observing the situation also stepped up to say something to Hwayoung, causing the two to begin arguing. Following the fight with Hwayoung, Jiyeon was then unable to properly focus on stage, and the way the camera captured Jiyeon made it seem as though she had an attitude problem.

Meanwhile, CCM reported that Hwayoung suddenly refused to participate in T-ara’s July 27th ‘Music Bank‘ stage, with only two groups before them left to go. On the way home, Hwayoung, in front of fans and reporters, threw down her crutches and sat on the floor, threatening to yell at the managers in public.

Extended Drama/Damage Report

[July 30th]5dolls’ Hyoyoung sheds tears over her twin sister Hwayoung

On the afternoon of July 30th, reporters visited the rehearsal studio of Core Contents Media to speak with 5dolls‘ Hyoyoung on the issue surrounding her twin sister Hwayoung.

Hyoyoung gave a short statement, expressing, “I’m upset that the issue had to spread this far.”Reporters claimed that she shed tears for a while after the comment.

Hyoyoung has been nothing but supportive of her twin sister through the ordeal, publicly displaying her support and concerns through Twitter.

[July 30th]Petition asking for the disbandment of T-ara gains over 71,700 signatures

With more and more individuals growing frustrated over the controversy that first surfaced with the controversial tweets of the T-ara members and the announcement of Hwayoung‘s contract termination with Core Contents Media, criticisms have been pouring in for the girl group.

A petition has even been created online asking for the disbanding of the group, with the title, “Petition for the Disbanding of T-ara“. The petition’s description states, “As a group who does not take the stage seriously, and as a group who is taking the lead in the spread of bullying, a big social problem, we ask for the disbanding of this group. It seems the time has come for T-ara, a group who doesn’t even greet their sunbaes if they don’t believe the other artist to be popular enough, to face the verdict of the public. Please dissolve this group.”

The petition has so far gained over 71,700 online signatures with numbers rising quickly.

What are your thoughts on the issue?

[Update: The petition is now nearing 102,000 signatures, surpassing the 100,000 signatures mark, which had been the original goal. The goal amount has been upped to 150,000]

[July 30th]CEO Kim Kwang Soo meets with the parents of Hwayoung and Hyoyoung

Core Contents Media’s CEO Kim Kwang Soo has demanded that the media cease reporting unconfirmed news regarding T-ara.

On July 31st, he was interviewed by Star News where he revealed that he met with the parents ofHwayoung and Hyoyoung and asked reporters to only report the facts for their sake.

He expressed, “After checking with T-ara’s backdancer team, I was able to confirm that the post claiming to be T-ara’s backdancer was indeed false, as with the content. The reason I terminated Hwayoung’s contract yesterday was because of her tendency to act out, such as refusing to perform on a live broadcast. The decision was made as a reflection of the opinions of T-ara’s staff. However, I believe that this decision will better aid Hwayoung in becoming a better artist.”

He continued, “Like I said yesterday, this decision has nothing to do with the bullying rumors going around. Because of the haters that are spreading rumors, the situation has taken a route of its own. These hateful lies are continuing to spread online, which is only making it harder for T-ara and Hwayoung.”

Kim Kwang Soo added, “I met with Hwayoung and Hyoyoung’s parents yesterday to explain to them my decision, and they were understanding of it. They wished for the best for both T-ara and Hwayoung, so it’s making it greatly difficult for both her parents and T-ara to see these unconfirmed stories coming up on the internet.”

Core Contents Media further emphasized, “We ask that all articles in relation to T-ara be confirmed through our company before they are released on the internet.”

[July 30th]Advertisers begin to pull T-ara after controversy

The advertisement industry is starting to feel the effects of T-ara‘s controversy, as many of the brands the girls are endorsing have begun to strip the girls’ image from their stores.

Many of the brands have reported that they are currently receiving hundreds of calls and requests on their official homepages from fans claiming that they will be boycotting their products should they continue to use T-ara as their endorsement models.

Tony Moly‘, a cosmetics brand the girls are currently endorsing, has even gone as far as to publicly claim that they will not be signing the girls again. A representative stated, “T-ara’s contract ends at the end of August. We were in the midst of negotiating a new contract, but now that this controversy has happened, we will not be signing them on again.”

Other fans have actually visited the stores to express their boycott, causing stores to take down all of their T-ara posters from the walls.

Outdoor clothing brand ‘Wild Rose‘ still has eight months left with the girls. Representatives stated, “There is still time left with their contract, but because this is such a sensitive issue, we will be working with T-ara’s company to figure out what to do next.”

Other brands the girls are working with have been showing similar sentiments.

[July 30th]Two more idol groups suspected of bullying


With Hwayoung‘s controversy with T-ara coming to public light, the K-Pop industry is now attempting to take a closer look as to where these issues could be stemming from. Unsurprisingly, Hwayoung isn’t the only one suffering, as other groups came forward with their own concerns.

Reporters were able to find that the issue of bullying already has strong roots within idol groups, especially with the growth K-Pop has been seeing lately. There’s a correlation between the level of an individual member’s star power and the level of discontentment within the group, as the bigger the difference there is in income, the more prone the group is to bullying.

A B list group anonymously named ‘A‘ has been battling bullying issues since their debut because of member ‘B‘, who is considered the face of the group due to her various activities in dramas and variety programs. Although she helped bring the group’s name to the spotlight, she eventually became the target of bullying due to the vast difference in their earnings.

A former manager of the group stated, “Idol groups are young in age so it’s easy for them to get swept up in emotions. The members know that the company favors to get at least one member to popularity in order to have the group follow, but they still bully that member once it happens. These days, companies have to rotate the group’s center member while eyeing the members.”

The trainee system also plays a part in the issue since stars are picked at a young age and put through five to six years of training at the least, before having to endure hard competition to be chosen as a final member. Naturally, new members that join in the middle get faced with criticism and hate for essentially “getting a free ride.”

Girl group ‘C’ is representative of this case, as they were recently found to have been bullying their new member.

Another manager in the industry revealed, “Whenever I saw member D of group C, she was always standing alone in the hallway outside of her waiting room at music programs. The members would be so immature in the way they treated her, such as forcing her to wear the outfit concept they hated the most or giving her the most outrageous hair concepts. In the case of bigger groups, they’ll try to use the senior card to train the new member into submission by forcing them to use separate hair salons and forcing them into smaller vans.”

The only solution at the time seems to be ample communication between both the members and the company. Pop critic Kang Tae Gyu commented, “The issue of bullying within idol groups is severe, as it’s a sensitive issue that’s difficult for the company to get themselves involved in. Managers will usually only know that it’s happening but not the inner details, and won’t try to resolve the problem since it’s not something they can make a sound judgement on.”

The critic compared the problem to homeroom teachers being oblivious to the problems of bullying within the classroom. Unlike members who are together 24 hours on top of dorming, managers are only with them for certain times of the day.

The solution he offered was that companies setup  a system that gives members an opportunity to anonymously submit issues going on within the group, and to open up communication in general. “Lack of communication can ultimately lead to bigger consequences. Just the mere notion of bullying needs to be reported immediately, and members need to be assured that their privacy will be protected.”

Another solution is for companies to make training in character and ethics mandatory.

Shinhwa‘s secret to maintaining a good relationship for 14 years also lies in their communication skills. Leader Eric had stated, “While promoting, there are times when we get sensitive, which later erupts into fights. There are a lot of instances where we even physically fought each other. There were issues, but we ended it there. We all worked hard to resolve them through communication.”

SISTAR overcame similar problems, as previously revealed by Dasom, “I used to believe that I wasn’t of any help to the team and felt envious of Hyorin and Bora unni. I wanted to be acknowledged and win over the unnis too and felt upset when I couldn’t. Every time I felt that way, though, the unnis consoled me, which helped a lot in bringing up my self confidence again.”

[July 31st]Police refute CCM’s claims of filing reports for investigation of the alleged back dancer


Core Contents Media recently announced that the alleged back-dancer testimony had been fabricated, and that they had determined this by tracking down the IP address and had submitted a request to the Police. However, the Seoul Seocho Police Department has come forth with a statement that seems to refute what CCM has previously stated.

“There is not a single report on file relating to Core Contents Media or T-ara,” said the police department. “The various reports saying that [CCM] has reported this to the cyber investigative squad is false.”

The alleged false report, according to CCM, involved a self-described former back-dancer for T-ara, who revealed that group member Jiyeon had slapped fellow member Hwayoung on one occasion.

At the time this account was posted, CCM released a statement saying “It is impossible that Jiyeon, in the middle of a public practice room, could have slapped Hwayoung. After tracking the IP address, it was revealed that it was written by a person who was not even a back-dancer.” Along with the statement, several reports mentioned that the agency revealed that a report had been filed with the cyber investigative unit from the police.

[July 31st]T-ara’s Eunjung misses VIP showing of “I Am a King”

T-ara‘s Eunjung did not attend the VIP showing of the movie ‘I Am a King‘.

On the 30th at Seoul GunDae entrance Lotte Cinema, the VIP showing of “I am a King” was held and reporters noticed that one of the VIP guests was not present.

Eunjung was scheduled to appear at the event to support Joo Ji Hoon, who stars alongside her in the upcoming SBS drama ‘Five Fingers‘. However, the T-ara member never made an appearance at the showing that evening.

It is speculated that the idol canceled her appearance due to the backlash the group has been receiving with the controversy of Hwayoung’s contract being terminated.

[July 31st]T-ara to temporarily halt scheduling future events?

It seems we will not be seeing much of T-ara until their next comeback.

It’s been reported that T-ara’s performance at the SBS ‘K-POP Yeosu Expo Super Concert‘ on August 1st is the last official event scheduled on their books for the time being.

On July 31st, T-ara’s associate revealed, “We didn’t plan any schedules because they are going into preparations for a follow-up song,” while also adding, “We have not made any definite decisions on the temporary halting of their schedules.”

Currently, it has been reported that T-ara has been canceling their planned schedules and avoiding appearances at formal events. As reported earlier, there were plans for member Eunjung to attend the VIP screening of ‘I Am the King‘, but she ended up not showing up for the event.

It looks like it will be a while before we get to see T-ara as they wait for this storm to pass while preparing for their next comeback.

[July 31st]T-ara’s appearance at ‘K-pop Yeosu Expo Super Concert’ canceled

allkpop previously reported that T-ara would temporarily halt scheduling future events, and that the SBS ‘K-pop Yeosu Expo Super Concert‘ on August 1st was the last official event scheduled on their books.

It’s now being reported that T-ara’s special performance at the concert has been canceled. Core Contents Media announced on July 31st at 6:25PM KST: “About 30, 40 minutes ago, due to a variety of reasons, the upcoming concert appearance has been canceled. We’ve finished [consulting] with the producers.”

The performance would have been the group’s first after member Hwayoung‘s exit, and the agency decided that due to the public’s reaction, it would be best for T-ara not to participate in the event.

Furthermore, T-ara will not be appearing on this week’s music programs.

[July 31st]Former T-ara member Hwayoung tweets message for fans

Former T-ara member Hwayoung just tweeted a message for her fans.

She posted to Twitter on July 31 at 10:33PM KST, “To my fans, you’ve loved me until now, and I’m sorry that I’ve only given you disappointment. Please stop now, and look forward to our more mature and improved selves in the future. I apologize for making you worry during this time. I also want to apologize to my Core Contents Media family. I’ll greet you all with a better image next time.”

Fans commented, “You will never ever dissappoint us! Keep your head up, hwayoungie! We are supporting you <3,” “Be strong! Hwayoung! I’m cheering you on,” and “Please don’t cower. You might feel tortured now, but after a little time passes, they’re people who’ll be nothing. Be strong!”

[July 31st]Witness refutes CCM’s statement of Hwayoung’s “unacceptable behavior”

With the controversy of Hwayoung and T-ara spreading and heating up the web, a witness has stepped forward to refute Core Contents Media‘s statement of Hwayoung’s “unacceptable behavior“.

According to a report released by OBS on July 31st, it was true that Hwayoung threw down her crutches at KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘. However, before the incident took place, the singer was seen crying outside the group’s waiting room, unable to enter.

An industry representative is reported to have stated, “The situation was a bit different from what CEOKim Kwang Soo revealed in the press release. Before Hwayoung threw down her crutches and refused to go on stage, she had been crying. She was crying out in the hallway of the broadcast station, unable to enter the waiting room, and other people including artists and representatives witnessed the scene.”

Back on July 27th, the T-ara members exchanged several tweets that netizens assumed were directed towards member Hwayoung and her lack of effort to show enough determination during the group’s Budokan concert.

[July 31st]Kim Kwang Soo reveals that although there were conflicts, there was no bullying in T-ara

With more than 324,000 individuals (at the time of writing) joining ‘T-Jinyo’ (‘We Demand the Truth from T-ara’) and alleged witness accounts popping up left and right, it seems the frustrations and angers of fans, ex-fans, and netizens will not easily die down.

In the midst of all the controversy, Core Contents Media‘s CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, held an interview with reporters on August 1st at the agency office and stated, “We do not believe that the relationship between Hwayoung and the other members was a severe case of bullying or ostracism. It was definitely not a case of the whole group bullying one individual.”

Although he acknowledged that there had indeed been some “problems” between Hwayoung and the other members before, he stressed, “They were frivolous conflicts that arise during the everyday lives of people, that’s all. The reason for Hwayoung’s leave is not because of bullying or ostracism, but because her refusal to appear on the live music broadcast.”

Q. Footage and pictures of T-ara members forcing Hwayoung to eat rice cakes have been surfacing on the internet

Wherever you go, aren’t there conflicts up to a certain point in the relationships between people? After debut, there were stories about Eunjung, Soyeon, and Boram being bullied or ostracized, but it was never that serious. Hwayoung’s problem was of this nature as well. It’s not a case of the group bullying against one individual. If members were bullied because they were added into the team later, then Ahreum, who just joined, should be having a hard time as well, but she isn’t. Those clips that show the members forcing Hwayoung to eat the rice cakes have been cut out from the whole context, so that’s why they seems like that.

Q. There are criticisms saying that the reason for the discharge of Hwayoung before the truth has even been unveiled is to cover up the stories of bullying.

It doesn’t make sense that after returning from having successfully concluded a concert last week in Japan that we would suddenly discharge a member because of bullying. The reason for the termination of Hwayoung’s contract is not because of bullying. It is because Hwayoung refused to attend a live broadcast and thus broke her promise with the public.

Q. It’s been said that Hwayoung is nicer and has better manners than the other members.

Even the person who spread the rumor of Hwayoung being slapped in the practice room was found to be a youth who has nothing to do with T-ara. Unconfirmed reports are being spread.

Q. What did you mean by “the jealousy of the young members” and “subtle arguments” that you mentioned in a previous press release?

To the other T-ara members, it probably wasn’t appealing to see the maknae Hwayoung, who had joined late, cause disorder rather than make efforts to adjust. Hwayoung’s personality is a bit boyish and tough. While spending time with the T-ara members, there were times when they hurt each other’s feelings. Of course, the problem also lies with the other T-ara members as well for not being able to embrace and foster Hwayoung.

Q. In the press release, there was also a line that stated that the staff had negative comments about Hwayoung.

The staff members, who work so hard for little pay, have been really hurt. A person close to Hwayoung even sent a message to one of the T-ara members with not so nice comments.

Q. If there was no bullying and Hwayoung was discharged for her own wrongdoings, do you not have thoughts of revealing all the evidence?

It’s upsetting that something that started out like play between the young members is heading towards the direction of condemning individuals. (Waves the documents he is holding) However, if I reveal these documents, then it’ll create an even bigger problem. T-ara will go on with their activities like nothing had ever happened.

Meanwhile, on this same day, Hwayoung left a tweet apologizing to her fans as well as Core Contents Media.

[July 31st]Daewoo Securities remove Eunjung’s image from advertisements

With the furor surrounding T-araCore Contents Media, and Hwayoung escalating by the second, the advertisement industry has begun to respond to the controversy.

T-ara’s Eunjung, who’s the solo model for Daewoo Securities, will unfortunately be dropped from the company’s promotions.

A represenative of Daewoo Securities stated through a recent phone call with MyDaily, “We have decided to discontinue all promotional images of Eunjung, whose contract was supposed to expire at the end of September. The decision was made due to Eunjung being swept up in the recent controversy.”

The rep continued, “Eunjung’s CF contract already ended back in June. We have decided to drop all advertisements related to Eunjung like the images included in promotional materials, which were scheduled until the end of September.”

[July 31st]Photo of an individual, speculated to be Hwayoung, visiting the CCM office goes viral

A photo captioned, ‘Hwayoung, Company’ is becoming a big issue.

On August 1st, the photo above was shared online and spread like wildfire, and even became one of the top searched topics on search portals.

An individual who took the photo claims that Hwayoung, who is still suffering from her leg injury, was seen entering the Core Contents Media building escorted by another person, and was also forced to write her recent tweet once inside the office.

However, there are others stating that there is no evidence suggesting that the person in the picture is even Hwayoung nor that she even entered the building.

[July 31st]T-ara’s Eunjung has been removed from the homepage picture for the National Police Agency

T-ara‘s Eunjung has been removed from the main homepage of the National Police Agency, where she was serving as an ambassador for the police department.

A representative for the NPA posted an official announcement on its website. “Firstly, thank you for the attention to the NPA homepage. We have discussed the issue with the homepage designer and will be taking down the problematic background photo within today,” the announcement read. “We are paying attention to the complaints and we ask for your patience. Thank you.”

A few hours later, the photo of a saluting Eunjung had indeed been taken down, replaced with another background of another woman in uniform, who has been confirmed to be Krystal of f(x) by new reports.

[July 31st]Entertainment agencies begin face-to-face chats and restrict SNS use due to ‘T-ara shock’

With the industry now suffering from what has been nicknamed ‘T-ara Shock’, entertainment companies are busy trying to keep the fire away from their artists.

One industry official revealed, “In a situation like this, it’s dangerous to even be considered a topic of discussion with the public. We’re all trying to keep our artists on the down low to avoid ‘being caught in the rain’, so to speak.”

Several company officials have started sitting down with their idol group members to lend their ears to any problems they may be experiencing in the group. As they are all in their 20s at the oldest, it’s natural for problems to arise. Officials are using this case as an opportunity to turn the focus to each of their members and work to cut the problems at its roots before they grow into even bigger issues.

Unfortunately, some idols have been met with SNS bans, especially since T-ara’s controversy first erupted from their misuse of Twitter. Some officials have outright banned the use of social networking services to prevent misunderstandings from occurring. An official explained, “There have been a slew of articles coming out about famous figures talking about the T-ara case. It’s not good for anyone to take sides at a time like this so we’ve been restricting the use towards some of our SNS savvy members.”

Many have also taken Nichkhun‘s case into consideration and have gone as far as restricting the number of company outings where drinks are involved.

An official claimed, “About 80~90% of the accidents that occur in the entertainment industry happen right after a drinking party. At sensitive times like this, one problem can turn into a mistake you can’t turn back. That’s why we’ve been checking and making sure that all our members get safely home on time.”

[August 1st]Hwayoung leaves a secret message for fans on Twitter?

In response to the recent controversy with T-araHwayoung left a message to fans on Twitter.

The former T-ara member’s post thanked her fans for their concern and asked them to discontinue their protests. She also asked for forgiveness for her actions and promised to return with an improved image.

Though the unexpected apology and request for ceasefire was surprising, there is rumored to be an alleged hidden message in Hwayoung’s post.

Fans all over the world have started to point out that if the first letters of each line of the message are read vertically, the message “Only fans know” can be seen. Because of this alleged secret message, some are saying that Hwayoung may not truly be apologizing for her actions.

Fans commented on the fact that Hwayoung did not insert a space between her words purposefully, and these speculations have spread like wild fire across the internet.

However, it’s important to note that depending on the type of browser used, the words may not align at all.

What do you think? Did Hwayoung mean to spell out “Only fans know” as a way of showing her true thoughts? Or are fans reacting to a coincidence?

[August 1st]Hwayoung’s father reached for comments after controversy

Former T-ara member Hwayoung‘s father has broken his silence for the first time since the controversy

On the morning of August 1st, reporters of E-Today were able to reach out to him through a phone call. The father spared his words, leaving a short statement saying, “I’m sorry.”

However, after his apology, he kept silent when asked further about his thoughts on the controversy surrounding his daughter and T-ara. To the questions that followed, he replied, “I don’t have anything in particular to say. I’ll leave it as no comment.”

So far, no other family member of Hwayoung, besides her sister and her father, have spoken on the issue.

[August 1st]T-ara’s first domestic concert to be postponed

T-ara‘s first domestic concert, which was originally scheduled for August 11th, will be postponed.

Despite earlier announcements that stated that the group will go on with all their planned activities, T-ara has been canceling upcoming events with the backlash they’ve currently been receiving from the public.

As such, it seemed inevitable that their upcoming domestic concert would have to face changes in plans as well.

“The upcoming T-ara concert on the 11th has been postponed,” Core Contents Media stated. “The members of T-ara desperately requested for the agency to postpone their first domestic concert on the 11th.”

The representative also added, “While talking it over with CEO Kim Kwang Soo, the members stated, ‘In a situation like this, we don’t think we can show fans bright, happy, and lively sides of ourselves on stage. Fans will probably not enjoy seeing us that way as well,’ and requested for the postponement of the concert.”

The issue of tickets being refunded was also mentioned by the agency when they stated, “Although reports claimed that large amounts of ticket refund requests had come in for T-ara’s first domestic concert, we’ve only received 20-30 requests.”

“We believe that the only way we can repay fans is for T-ara to become more mature and self-reflect in light of this situation and continue to create good music. With that said, we will be concluding ‘Day by Day‘ promotions,” said the agency.

In related news, although there will not be group activities for the time being, SoyeonEunjung, andHyomin will be carrying on their individual activities with their respective dramas.

[July 31st]CCM and Hwayoung have resolved their differences?

In addition to the alleged witness account and the alleged photo of Hwayoung visiting the Core Contents Media office, other reports have surfaced confirming that the person in the photo is indeed Hwayoung. According to the information contained in a few reports, it seems as if Hwayoung and CCM are in the process of resolving the differences and misunderstandings between them.

According to one report, a reporter had encountered Hwayoung and her twin sister Hyoyoung by chance as he was driving around the area. When he stopped the car to greet the two, the twin sisters, who were already familiar with the reporter, greeted back “Hello” with smiles.

When the reporter asked, “Where are you going?“, Hwayoung is said to have replied, “I just uploaded an apology post. I’m going to go apologize to the CEO right now. I feel really bad. He has been good to me.

Seeing the reporter’s rather pitiful expression at her statement, Hwayoung reportedly assured him, ”Why are you like this. I’m okay. Don’t worry about me,” with a bright smile, surprising the reporter.

Hwayoung is then said to have added, “I don’t hold a grudge against him (CEO, Kim Kwang Soo). He treated me very well. I am just regretful of all the damage that is being done because of me. So I’m going to go apologize.

The former T-ara member is then reported to have walked towards the office with her sister by her side.

Another report detailing the statements of Kim Kwang Soo describes what happened once Hwayoung entered the building.

The CEO revealed, “Hwayoung showed up without any notice, so I was quite surprised. She started crying as soon as she sat down… I first explained to her why we had no choice but to terminate her contract and about the incident regarding the live broadcast, Hwayoung stated, ‘I don’t know why I acted in such a manner. I think I was acting out because I was angry and upset.’ She seemed to be regretting her actions.”

He also added, “When I asked Hwayoung what she was going to do from now on, she said, ‘I’ll go somewhere else and become a good rapper… I’ll wait with an open heart.’ So I told her once we both find some peace, we can discuss her future course of action.”

“It’s like when your children fight because they were in bad moods. But because of it, stories about bullying and internal troubles arise and make the situation difficult… It was so upsetting seeing a frivolous argument spread into a critical situation for the group,” he concluded.

Stay tuned as the story still develops further.

Dates listed in this article are in EST rather than KST

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