SNSD shows support for Korean athletes at the London Olympics in ‘High Cut’ August 2012 Issue+HQ Scans

Girls’ Generation are featured once again on star style magazine pictorials, ‘High Cut’ and this time, they posed in the official uniform of the Korean contingent participating in the 2012 London Olympics, flaunting their very own unique beauty as well as their beautiful legs.
In addition, all 9 members showed their distinctive fashion sense and presented each of their own charms in these stunning pictorials.
During an interview which took place during the pictorial shoot, Girls’ Generation said, “We will be giving our support for all the athletes of Korea Republic taking part in the London Olympics”.
Besides that the girls also talked about the strong bond within the group by stating, “Even after 10 years from now, we will still be a group called ‘Girls’ Generation’. Like Shinhwa sunbaes (seniors), we want to stick together as ‘Girls’ Generation’ and keep on going to achieve our goal”.
These beautiful photos of the girls will be published in the 81st issue of ‘High Cut’ which will be available on July 19th.

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