F(x) Vogue Girl releases ‘couple shots’ of Sulli and Minho

Recently chosen to play lead roles in SBS‘ upcoming drama ‘To The Beautiful You‘, f(x)‘s Sulli andSHINee‘s Minho participated in a ‘couple photo shoot’ for ‘Vogue Girl‘ magazine.

Sulli recently chopped off her long locks in order to play a female student disguised as a male in the drama, and the singer gave off the feel of a reserved and handsome lad as she displayed her boyish charm for this shoot.

‘To the Beautiful You’ is based off the original best-selling Japanese comic ‘Hana Kimi‘, and it has already been turned into a successful drama in Japan.

During an interview that took place at the shoot, Sulli commented, “I felt a huge burden when I first received this role ,but I felt like it was a role that I could pull off really well.

Minho then added, “I want to show the viewers my own unique character that’s different from what Oguri Shun displayed in the Japanese version of the drama.

Meanwhile, you can check out the rest of the photos from Sulli and Minho’s shoot in the August publication of ‘Vogue Girl’ magazine.

Source & Image: Seoul via Nate


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