Brown Eyed Girls Single Album ‘The Original’ Official Album Jacket+Album Cover

Okay…I finally start with one of the most talented girl groups in Kpop Industry right now…Our very own ‘Brown Eyed Girls’ better known as ‘BEG’. Their newest single album ‘The Original’ is out & I gotta say…this was totally unexpected! Though BEG is Quite old compared to the current girl groups(for more info, check out their page above!), they are generally known for thgeir SEXY & STRONG image(at least since a year or 2 ago!). BUT WHAT A CHANGE!!! This album has two tracks which are nice peppy summer girly songs to put a nice wide smile on your face while you play the song on your car on a long drive in the sunny weather. Well I don’t wish to write the entire review here(so no worries!) but I must say all the 4, look absolutely STUNNING in the jacket shoot!Check them out!


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