After School UEE talks about her First Kiss!

Omo~ Now the fans will start searching the man~~

After School’s UEE Talks about Her First Kiss

Recently, After School’s UEE shared stories about her first kiss on mnet’s “The Beatles’ Code Season 2.” MC Shindong(Super Junior) started, “UEE had her first kiss when she was a high school junior.” UEE confirmed, “Yes.” Shindong continued, “With a trainee?” to which UEE also answered, “Yes.” When asked if he became a celebrity, she explained, “He did debut, but I heard he is no longer active the industry.”

The response piqued the emcees’ interest, and they started investigating UEE for more information about the mystery man. Shindong stated, “It must be during your Five Girls’ days. Do those members know who it is?” Looking slightly worried, UEE replied, “Yes.” Afterwards, the MCs mischievously talked amongst themselves, asking whom they should call to find out.

Netizens commented, “So who was her first kiss?” “Wow, didn’t expect her to talk about her first kiss on air,” “Tell us more,” and more.

Meanwhile, UEE is busy promoting “Flashback” with fellow After School members.


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