SNSD F(x) & After School 100 Entertainment Industry Staff Select Idols with the Most Beautiful Real-Life Appearance


In the July 10 broadcast of MBC Music’s Show Champion 100 staff workers in the entertainment industry, including camera crew, sound crew, stage crew, lighting and more, were surveyed over the course of a month asking ‘Which female idol group has the most beautiful real life appearance?’

The results of the survey showed SNSD coming in first with those surveyed commenting, “When they’re on stage, they shine”, “SNSD is a wall no one can overcome” and “Their beauty really is the best.”

Coming in behind SNSD was After School in second place, HelloVenus in third and f(x) in fourth in the same ranking.

A separate survey was also done asking the entertainment staff members to vote on the male idol group with the best real life appearance. The results of that survey will be revealed on the July 17 episode of Show Champion.


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