After School UEE “I Had a Crush on a Guy Who Liked My Friend”

On July 6th on SBS Power FM “Jung Sunhee’s A Night Like This,” After School featured as guest stars and shared about their new album.

Especially interesting was when they described the songs as, “songs filled with memories of real love.” They started the topic only to start sharing about their memories of their first loves to one-sided love. They also shared about the bad boys they met and even shed some tears. Although they are known for their sexy image, even if they are able to maintain their charisma in relationships, they expressed, “We have a hard time showing our affection.” Their unexpected cautiousness when it comes to relationships surprised DJ Jung Sunhee.

U-ie opened up by saying, “While I was training, I had a crush on an older guy who often sang Kim Yeonwoo’s song. Once I found out he had feelings for my friend, I stopped liking him.” Nana shared how she liked her boyfriends in the past a lot, but, she had to break up with them because of her inability to express her feelings. These stories break our image of the After School girls as bright and active; they were able to show more of their inner little girls.


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