Wonder Girls Sunye is willing to move to Haiti for her boyfriend upon marriage?

It must be love because Wonder Girls‘ Sun is apparently willing to consider moving across the world if her current boyfriend becomes her husband.

On the July 2nd broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘ Beatles Code 2‘, Sun revealed, “I met my boyfriend in Haiti doing missionary work. He’s still in Haiti right now.”

As Wonder Girls’ fans and allkpop readers may already know, Sun is currently in a relationship, which she publicly revealed last year.

The Wonder Girls member also shared details on how she met the lucky suitor: “I approached him first. I’m the type who can’t hide things. I found out that Haiti wasn’t the first time I’ve met him. I greeted him, ‘It’s nice to meet you,’ and he replied, ‘It’s not our first time meeting.’ We met twice before, but I couldn’t remember. I think he probably remembered me because of my profession.”

When MC Yoo Sang Moo asked her, “Are you going to live in Haiti if you two get married?” Sun’s answer definitely got the attention of viewers, as she replied nonchalantly, “I think it’s a possibility.”

Source + Photo: Sports Donga


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