T-ARA Mini Album ‘Day By Day’ Posters+Stills+Member Pics+Cover+Tracklist+Teaser!!

Okay…that’s a LOOOONG title..:P anyways I thought its better to club everything up than putting up seperate posts…Can’t Wait for this!~


1. Day by Day
2. Holiday
3. Don’t Leave
4. Hue
5. Love Play

T-ara has unveiled two posters for their upcoming drama music video for “Day by Day“.

The posters show the sci-fi concept of the music video and have been revealed ahead of their music video teaser that is scheduled to be released on June 28th.

The video teaser will be 40 seconds long and will showcase the 180 degree transformations of the members and their acting abilities.

T-ara members commented, “The ‘Day by Day’ is awesome enough to anticipate.

In related news, after the release of “Day by Day” on July 3rd, T-ara will hold an official opening event for their fan club, QUEEN’S, on July 14th.

The girl group T-ara has been on a roll lately with one release after another, and their upcoming track “Day by Day” has been gaining healthy attention with the news that it will feature a science-fiction concept.

To promote the upcoming release, the group has released several more image stills that delve deeper into the sci-fi world featured in the “Day by Day” music video.

The new stills are reminiscent of Expressionist science-fiction films of the past couple of decades, and are especially evocative of the cult classic ‘Blade Runner‘ with the gritty, run-down look and the fantastical costumes.

“Day by Day” is scheduled to be released on July 3rd.


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