After School ‘Flashback’ MV

WOAH!~ You can either take this expression as a good or a bad remark…Good as in that the MV came up just as everyone was expecting it to be…all the dark Diva Glamour with lots of skin show…That’s of course what people were looking forward to(GUYS Esp!:P) If U seem confused with the fact as to why I said BAD…it is because I personally am a bit disappointed with it…especially the song…AFTER SCHOOL is one of my most fave bands though I didn’t initially like their concepts…but their single ‘Because Of You’ completely made me a fan…I have been following & loving all their singles after that(korean & Japanese) & I absolutely LOVE their japanese singles which are super addictive according to me(Rambling Girls, Diva Jp. Ver.,Dilly Dally) That is the reason my expectations for ‘Flashback’ were pretty high considering the hype. The song seems an usual kpop track which has not even been able to capture my ears properly..the MV is good no doubt but the song kinda falls FLAT in the lines…the interlude in the song which was released with the teaser is good but the whole song doesn’t match up with it.Also I have a complain that the new member ‘Kaeun’ has not been highlighted properly which is odd cuz after spending over a month on the hype about her, I expected to see more of her…I know this overall review seems NEGATIVE but with kpop you never know what happens…I am still waiting for the song to grow on me which may happen after sometime…I am still left with listening to the rest of the tracks of the album…GUYS DO NOT TAKE THIS AS AN OFFENCE cuz this is just what I think about it…I am still a PLAYGIRLZ & always will be…So DO NJOY THE MV!


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