After School achieves an all-kill on real time charts with ‘Flashback’!

Was expected as always!

Less than a day after releasing their 5th maxi single “Flashback“, the ladies of After School have achieved an instant ‘all-kill’ with their newest release as they have topped all the major charts in less than a day.

An all-kill refers to topping all of the major music charts in Korea simultaneously, and After School fulfilled that requirement by achieving the #1 position on the Bugs, Melon, Soribada, DaumMnet, Olleh, and Naver real-time music charts.

In addition to “Flashback”, other tracks included on the album such as “Eyeline” and “Timeless” were also seen ranking high on the charts as well.

Already off to a strong start, the girls will kick off their promotions for their comeback starting on the 21st.

Congratulations to After School!

Images provided by Pledis Entertainment



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