After School Official News: Jung Ah is After School’s New Leader!

Finally!~ I am soo happy cuz I think they made the right decision…Jung Ah should be the new leader no doubt…What do U guys think?

After the rumors that suggested that Nana may become the next leader along with Pledis Entertainment‘s vague answer that neither refuted nor confirmed the news, many had been awaiting news about the next leader of After School.

On June 13th, a source within Pledis Entertainment tipped Star N, “It seems the empty leader position with the graduation of Kahi will be taken on by Jung-Ah.”

With Kahi’s leave and news of solo career, fans and netizens alike had been anxious to see who would fill her shoes. It seems that Jung-Ah, a member who has promoted for a long while alongside Kahi as well as now the oldest of the group, is most likely going to be leading After School with their comeback.

The source explained, “Although there is still discussion going on, unless something happens, Jung-Ah, as the oldest unni, will be promoting from the leader position.”

In related news, After School will be coming back with their new track, “Flashback” on the 21st with their newest member Ka-Eun.


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