T-ARA plays around after dance practice as they prepare for their comeback in July!

I am lovin’ this year of comebacks!

A playful set of pictures featuring T-ara during one of their dance rehearsals recently shared online.

T-ara’s choreographer, Bae Yoon Jung of the Yama&Hotchicks dance company, recently met and practiced with the T-ara members until around 4 in the morning. She updated her Twitter afterwards, saying, “A rehearsal after a really long hiatus at this time~ ^^. T-ara… you mean to tell me that these days you girls are strangely listening to everything I say…!!? Kekeke, you all worked hard!

While in the picture above, Bae Yoon Jung and the T-ara members showcase their aegyo with their victory signs, “Bbuing – Bbuing” poses, and pouty faces, in the two pictures shown below, the T-ara members are seen putting their hands against their foreheads in a playfully arrogant manner. The fact that the T-ara members appear cheerful despite their overnight practice has drawn a lot of attention.

Netizens who have seen the tweet and pictures commented, “Is it possible that T-ara has been working all night until early morning? Their passion is impressive“, “Is T-ara not tired even though they practiced all night?“, “T-ara had dance practice until 4 in the morning. I hope their new song comes out quickly,” and “T-ara seems perfectly content with dance practice.

T-ara’s Eunjung has responded to the tweet herself, with a seemingly embarrassed, “@o@…!!! Unni….” Bae Yoon Jung, in turn, wrote, “Why~~?! ^^

In other news, the two new additions to  T-ara will be seen by the public as official members on July 7th, in the girl group’s next single, ‘DAY BY DAY’. The single’s dance choreography is to be created by Jonte Moaning, who is also known for having choreographed for Beyonce.


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