Wonder Girls Sunye to JYP: “Stop Inserting JYP in Our Songs!”

I don’t mind the whisper much though!


Wonder Girls’ Sunye to JYP: “Stop Inserting JYP in Our Songs!”

On yesterday’s episode of KBS “Gag Concert,” the Wonder Girls made a surprise visit on “The Discovery of Life” sketch, where they parodied the Brave Guys. During the show, Sunye stated, “I have something to say to our agency’s CEO JYP. JYP are you watching?” Short and to the point, she boldly continued, “Stop inserting ‘JYP’ in our songs,” causing the audience to burst into laughter. During a recent appearance on SBS “Healing Camp” last April, Park Jin Young talked about the reason as to why he inserts “JYP” whispers into the songs he produced. He revealed, “I first inserted the JYP whisper for a song I made for g.o.d, and I received positive reactions from it. I also wanted my fans to be aware of the songs I made even when I’m not active [as a singer]. At some point, the public began to recognize my songs even though they weren’t my fans.”

Maknae Hyelim also took a jab, stating, “Writer, listen closely. I was in the dressing room when she asked, ‘Where are the Wonder Girls.’ Whoa~ I’m right here! I am Hyelim! If you don’t know me, go watch ‘Gag Concert!’”

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls made their comeback on June 3 with their second mini-album “Wonder Party.”





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