After School Kahi to Graduate from After School!!?!

What the HECK????? This is the WORST B’day gift ever!!! I mean I already knew a fresh AS Graduation was on the way & I really wished it was Juyeon…But now these people drop this BIG BAD BOMB on the head of PLAYGIRLZ saying our very own leader is leaving the Group….! i think I am gonna faint with the sadness…I followed AS because of KAHI Unnie & am a Playgirlz because of her as well….I have no clue whether I am gonna continue being a PLAYGIRLZ or not…M already on the verge of tears…I don’t want her to Leave….Molla!!!~ :`( Kahi unnie Hwaiting FOREVER~!

Kahi to Graduate from After School

It’s been announced that Kahi will be leaving After School to focus on her solo career. A representative of Pledis Entertainmentstated, “Kahi is graduating from After School. She will be focusing on her solo career, which she’s been carefully preparing for a long time.” She is the second member to graduate from the group, the first being Bekah, who left July 2011.

Kahi has been one of the central members in After School, leading the team since their debut in 2009. She’s recently ventured into acting, appearing in KBS “Dream High 2,” and showed her potential to sing, dance, and act.

She will remain with the group until they wrap up their current activities in Japan. Because After School’s Japanese tour will be Kahi’s last as part of the group, she will be performing a special solo stage during the encore concerts.

Kahi expressed, “I thank everyone who has shown us so much love since our debut and to my fellow members who I’ve spent through so much tears and smiles with. I will prepare for my new solo album and study acting with a fresh new start; and I’ll try my best to show you a new side of Kahi.”

After School, featuring newest member Gaeun, will be releasing their fifth mini-album on June 21.





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