Wonder Girls Mini-Album ‘Wonder Party’ Official Promo Pics

So I am finally starting with the Retro Queens of kpop world…WONDER GIRLS…! Honestly I have been following their songs since 2 years but have never been a fangirl…but I do LOVE their songs & singing styles…There is a lot of anticipation for their next mini album called ‘Wonder Party'(I just LOVE how they name all their albums with the word ‘Wonder’!) & I just LOVE the overall look of the promo pics…it bring backs the whole ‘Saturday Night’ feel with the multicolours & disco feel though their look is the modern club one…it almost reminds me of T-ARA’s ‘Lovey-Dovey’ Album Pics…but I am not saying its a COPY…its just similar…For now there are only a few pics…gonna update soon!


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