SNSD YoonA drama ‘Love Rain’ OST Part 2 Listen to Full Tracks!F

Finally~ I was just waiting to at least listen it cuz I have been looking for this song I heard towards the end of Ep 11…When the tracklist of this OST released, I guessed it would be this songs called ‘ After raining, it rains again -Bonggu from Gilgu Bonggu’…& guys guess what? it was this song! Hurray! Finally found it! So if U guys have a doubt regarding any song like me, check it out on these links…the songs can be fully listened on these links…NJOY!:) M SOO HAPPY! *Doing the Happy Dance!*

P.S: This is will help you out if U wanna review the songs before ordering your copy of the OST too!

1. Kang Seung Won – ‘Now I Am

2. Bong-gu – ‘After raining, It rains Again’

3.  Bell Band – ‘Inside My Heart’

4. Kilgu – ‘First Love’

5. Na Do Kyoon – ‘Because It’s You’

6. Seo In Guk – ‘Destiny (Like A Fool)’


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