SNSD YoonA drama ‘Love Rain’ Episode 20 Preview+English Translation

Can’t believe the last preview’s up…M really excited for the last episode & wish that we get to see a ‘Happily Ever After’ Ending…Anyways the english translation is below for your help! Do pour in your comments.

Seo In Ha: If you do end up losing your vision, can’t I become your eyes?
Baek Hye Jung: You’re really going to throw it all away? Your job and everything? [For her?]
Kim Yoon Hee: Thank you.
Jung Hana: What about me?
Seo Joon: Here.
Seo Joon: My father wanted me to take photographs of you two together
Jung Hana: What are you doing~ I thought you wanted to break up?
Baek Hye Jung: Someone was asking whether you were living with a girl at your studio…
Baek Hye Jung: Why don’t you guys just marry instead?


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