SNSD Taeyeon is the one Netizens select as most ideal vocal coach

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon has been voted as the #1 idol who could potentially be a good vocal coach.

Following the ‘healing idol’ poll that had previously taken place, music portal site Monkey3 conducted yet another online survey asking users, “Which idol do you think will be a good vocal coach?”

The online poll took place between May 10th to 16th. Taeyeon, who is well-known for her talented vocals, topped the list with 43% of the votes. The singer is the lead vocalist for Girls’ Generation and is also currently active in the new unit group, TaeTiSeo.

Under the poll, participants left comments such as, “Not only does Taeyeon have a special tone of voice, her outstanding singing ability and her ability to express her emotions when singing is amazing“, and “She has the basic skills so I think she would be a great teacher.”

Trailing behind Taeyeon were SISTAR‘s Hyorin (13%) at the #2 spot, and 2AM‘s Changmin (12%) coming in at 3rd. Others included Big Bang‘s Taeyang, 2NE1‘s Park Bom, and MBLAQ‘s G.O..


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