SNSD Jessica selects the prettiest member of Girls’ Generation & the member who she thinks will get married first

Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica opened up about her fellow members.

Super Junior‘s Sungmin, f(x)‘s Luna, and Girls’ Generation’s Jessica were all guests on the May 17th episode of tvN‘s ‘TAXI‘.

Jessica who has up until now been known to be an ‘ice queen’ proved that she can be outgoing and witty as well. She revealed who she thought to be the prettiest member of Girls’ Generation, the member who she thought would marry the earliest, and displayed her honest nature when answering questions that the viewers had sent in.

The singer was asked which member of Girls’ Generation she felt was the prettiest, and she answered that it changes depending on the day. Jessica was then asked who was the prettiest on that particular day, and she responded, “Well… I’m the only one that got my makeup done today” somewhat implying that it was actually herself.

She also selected Sunny as the member who she thinks will get married first amongst the girls.

MC Gong Hyung Jin who is known to be an ‘uncle fan’ of Girls’ Generation could not stop smiling throughout the episode, and created an optimally comfortable atmosphere, making it easy for Jessica who is intimidated by talk shows to easily open up.

Jessica along with Sungmin and Luna also opened up about the sweat and tears they had to shed to become one of the hottest Hallyu idols today.

Source: Allkpop

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