SISTAR Hyorin Is Like Beyonce for Huh Gak

Huh Gak Thinks that SISTAR's Hyorin Is Like Beyonce

Huh Gak gave praise to SISTAR’s Hyorin. On May 16 MBC’s “Radio Star” had an audition program special. For the special the guests were Huh Gak, Seo In GukSon Jin Young, and Goo Ja Myung.

Huh Gak was asked by Yoon Jong Shin who he thinks is the best singer that appeared on KBS’ “Immortal Song.” Huh Gak stated, “I think everyone will agree. I think it is SISTAR’s Hyorin.”

He continued, “When I am watching Hyorin’s performances, it seems like I am watching the pop star Beyonce.” Seo In Guk stated that he thought the best singer on “Immortal Song” was Ailee, while Son Jin Young thought it was Jadu, and Goo Ja Myung thought it was Huh Gak..”



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