SNSD YoonA drama ‘Love Rain’ Original Sound Track Cover+Tracklist+Pre-order

Omo~ I have been waiting for this day since….well pretty much since the day LOVE RAIN was announced!(heehee!) I always anticipated about the cover…& well I like it eventhough not LOVE like the WINTER SONATA one which has one of the best OST covers I have come across till now.Anyways its out on 27th April…You can also pre-order on YESASIA on this link:


01. Shiny Love
02. 사랑비 / 노래 장근석 (Love Rain/Jang Geuk Suk)
03. 그대니까요 / 노래 티파니(소녀시대) (Because of You/Tiffany)
04. 사랑은 비처럼 / 노래 나윤권 (Love is like Rain/Na Yoon Kwon)
05. 자꾸 자꾸 / 노래 요조
06. 그 애와 나랑은 / 노래 에스진
07. 사랑비 Piano Ver.
08. 자꾸 자꾸 Guitar Ver.
09. Song Of Rain
10. 그 애와 나랑은 String Ver.
11. 고백송 2 (Song of Confession)
12. 비를 닮은 그대(You are the colour of Rain)


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