OMO~ Today is ‘THE DAY’…FINALLY ‘Love Rain’ is Gonna be out!

Guys firstly I am puting this ‘uncategorized’ post not just because I am a TRUE SONE at heart or because I love JGS or because I have a weakness for cheesy & classic Romantic stories…I am putting this on because this drama is by PD Yoon Suk Ho whose Epic romance drama series ‘ENDLESS LOVE’: Autumn in my heart, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent & Spring Waltz. Honestly speaking I haven’t watched Autumn In my heart yet but have seen all the rest ones. I love the way he portrays ‘FATE’ in his every series…Fate is what seperates 2 people in love & also brings them back. I have always loved the cinematography in his dramas along with the super beautiful soundtracks. Well let me tell you a strange thing: Even before there was an official announcement about PD Suk Ho’s comeback,  I somehow always knew that his new drama would be named something with RAIN. Odd isn’t it? And when the official announcement took place I was like,”Hey! give me some credit!” LOL:P Anyways that is the reason this drama holds a very special place in my heart…Adding Yoona to the lead was like a dream come true…This will be my first JGS drama(I know its very ODD!) & I am already getting why he is such a BIG Star. This show is gonna premiere together in Korea & Japan(Only if in India too!)Anyways I have huge expections from this drama which I want to keep down but just can’t. Now I have a feeling that the main theme used in this drama would be the classic ‘Where Do I Begin’ from ‘Love Story’ cuz that’s the theme used in the 7min preview too(I love this version!) Anyways let’s keep our fingers crossed for this drama & hope for the best! I am praying for it already! So guys don’t forget to watch it @9:55 pm(KST) on KBS2 channel & Indian Standard Time @6:25pm!^0^

LOVE RAIN Hwaiting~!


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