SHINee All the Best for Album ‘Sherlock’ Success!

Sorry guys for posting about an off-the-line topic, but being a SONE myself & by the fact that I LOVE SHINee…I just couldn’t resist.^^

I have heard all the songs from SHINee’s super comeback mini-album ‘Sherlock’ & only one word:AWESOME!

I loved all the tracks & the best part is how the single ‘Sherlock’ features as a hybrid track for two other tracks: ‘CLUE’ & ‘NOTE’…I have no idea how SM comes out with such concepts…HATS OFF! Also the best part is we all are expecting SNSD’s Jessica to feature in the MV of ‘Sherlock’…Lets wait & see…I am just counting on for the MV to release! I wish SHINee all the best for a mega-success for their album & hope we get more such awesome releases from them in the future…SHINee Hwaiting~

P.S: Saranghaeyo SHINee!<3


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